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National Emergency to Secure Borders Immediately: A Vital Priority for Dr. Bensson Samuel who is running for US Senate

"I will protect my country. I will not let enemy armies pass through it. I will not let them hurt my people anymore." Zechariah 9:8-10

    BELLEVUE, WA, November 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The importance of securing our borders cannot be understated. In the last two years, as per FAIR analysis, 4.9 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States. Without proper papers, education, and skill sets, this burden will affect American Citizens in every walk of life, from healthcare to the supply of food and social resources to risking the safety of the American Public.

Dr. Bensson Samuel feels "The US Government should declare an National Emergency and secure the borders immediately. Those in office who continue to act recklessly and fail to promptly secure the borders resulting in harm to American citizens should be investigated for treason and failure of duty."

Border security is essential to any nation's well-being, ensuring the safety and integrity of its citizens, economy, and national interests. Considering the numerous challenges faced by the United States today, border security has become increasingly pressing. Dr. Bensson Samuel- a US Senate candidate, recognizes the urgency to secure our borders immediately, and his commitment to addressing this imperative aligns closely with the interests of the American people.

Compromise of National Security

First and foremost, securing our borders is crucial for safeguarding our national security. In an era where global threats, such as terrorism and transnational crime, persist, it is paramount to control and monitor the movement of people, goods, and illicit activities across our borders. By enhancing border security measures, we can prevent potential threats from reaching our communities and contribute to our nation's overall safety and well-being.

Economic Vitality

Effective border security measures promote economic prosperity and protect American jobs. Illicit activities, including smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration, not only exacerbate security concerns but also undermine the integrity of our economy; by investing in border security personnel, infrastructure, and technology, we can foster an environment conducive to economic growth and protect American industries from unfair competition. With the current inflation rate of 3.7 percent per month and 8.20 last year, this undue burden will likely cause diversion of funds from benefiting American citizens.

Rule of Law and Immigration Reform

A secure border is the cornerstone of any comprehensive immigration reform. Dr. Samuel acknowledges the need for a fair and just immigration system that upholds the rule of law. By addressing the issue of border security head-on, we can create a foundation from which meaningful immigration reform can be achieved. This includes developing a comprehensive approach that prioritizes border enforcement, enhances visa screening processes, and creates a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants who meet specific criteria. Dr. Samuel's commitment to securing the border provides the necessary framework to pursue these reforms.

Humanitarian Concerns

Securing the border is essential to addressing the humanitarian challenges related to illegal immigration. Dr. Samuel recognizes the importance of compassionately dealing with individuals seeking refuge and asylum while still maintaining the integrity of our immigration system.

In his pursuit of public office, Dr. Samuel has prioritized border security as a vital component of his campaign, and he presents a much-needed fresh perspective on the topic, one that resonates with the American people and reinforces our nation's core values. With Dr. Samuel, we can build a more robust and secure America, fostering unity and progress for all.

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