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Hollywood Veteran Ernest Mirich Ventures into Novel Writing with "Damn Cat"

"Damn Cat" unfolds as a captivating adventure on the eve of Carter's wife's wisdom teeth removal.

"5 out of 5 stars for the witty dialogue and the seamless plotline. I wouldn't change a thing about this book…" Justine Ocsebio (

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Esteemed Hollywood figure Ernest Mirich, renowned for his achievements in theater, film, and television, is making his debut in the world of novel writing with "Damn Cat." This charming and humorous tale showcases Mirich's storytelling finesse in an entirely new format.

About the Author:
Ernest Mirich's fascination with writing ignited during his childhood. It became a way for him to convey with pen and paper what he couldn't express verbally, serving as both a solace during challenging times and a canvas for his vivid imagination. This passion evolved into a lifelong pursuit, and he embarked on a journey that saw him transition from childhood trauma to creating captivating worlds.

Mirich's artistic journey led him to the theater, where he composed compelling plays and poignant poetry. In Chicago, his talent as an actor and playwright earned him accolades, including recognition as the best actor in numerous theater dramas. Upon relocating to the West Coast, he established himself as a presence in the LA theater scene.

Notably, The Los Angeles Times hailed him as a "Tour de Force" for his portrayal of Sid Vicious, bass player for the iconic punk band, the Sex Pistols, in the play "Vicious." Pursuing a career in Hollywood, his artistic diversity extended to screenwriting, film acting, and television pilot creation.

Mirich's cinematic career featured appearances in independent films and a memorable role in the beloved "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode, "Relics." His writing talent extended to crafting scripts for Hollywood studios, and he ventured into reality television production, creating the popular Discovery Channel series, "Shipwreck Men." He also wrote, starred in and directed two features: Critics and Cold Sweat.

With "Damn Cat," Ernest Mirich fulfills his long-standing aspiration of becoming a novelist.

Book Description:
"Damn Cat" unfolds as a captivating adventure on the eve of Carter's wife's wisdom teeth removal. Buttercup, a striking Persian Himalayan cat, vanishes, prompting Carter's quest to find the beloved feline. Maggie, recovering from surgery with Vicodin and red wine, implores her husband to track down their cherished pet.

Carter's journey introduces him to an array of intriguing characters, each with their own tales about the elusive cat. Despite the colorful narratives, none reveal Buttercup's whereabouts. However, his search takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Eddy Buick, a self-proclaimed pet rescuer.

Eddy Buick, also known as "Eddy with a Y," leads Carter into the world of a gangbanger working at Pet Co. alongside his girlfriend. Amid absurd and humorous interactions, the situation escalates into a comical showdown in the Pet Co. parking lot, complete with drawn guns.

Police intervention eventually resolves the situation, but Buttercup remains at large. Carter's quest takes a surprising twist when he encounters a hippy vendor selling baby Himalayans by the roadside, leading to a spontaneous purchase. To his amazement, upon returning home, he discovers that Buttercup has reappeared.

"Damn Cat" not only chronicles Carter's eccentric journey but also underscores Mirich's storytelling versatility. Readers will savor a rollercoaster of emotions, humor, and an unforgettable tale, exemplifying the multifaceted storytelling skills of this Hollywood luminary.

About Ernest Mirich:
Ernest Mirich is a versatile artist with a rich background in theater, film, television, and scriptwriting. His career spans several decades, marked by numerous awards and memorable performances. "Damn Cat" is his debut novel, revealing his prowess as a novelist and storyteller.

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The reader's community of Franklin Publishers have held this book in high regards and have added it to their 2023 must read list.

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