All Press Releases for December 22, 2023

Lombardi: Colorado Disqualification of Trump Is Democratic Attempt To Steal 2024 Election

Democrats Know They Can't Win Fairly So They Intend To Rig The Contest

    NAPLES, FL, December 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Former Illinois Republican Congressional candidate and tech entrepreneur Jack Lombardi condemned the Colorado State Supreme Court for disqualifying Donald J. Trump from the Colorado ballot in 2024. He said this is pure and simple rigging an election when Democrats know that they cannot win it fairly. Democrats are disenfranchising voters and seeking to steal the 2024 election by kicking Trump off the ballot, Lombardi stated. This is tantamount to changing the rules halfway during a game. Lombardi noted the only other time, a major party presidential candidate was kicked off the ballot was in in 1860, when Southern Democrats would not allow Abraham Lincoln's name to be on the ballot. The action by the Colorado Supreme Court is similar to what we see in Iran when candidates are kicked off the ballot or in Russia, when Putin opponents are either arrested or disqualified. Lombardi is calling on the United States Supreme Court to act at once and overturn the Colorado ruling.

"I am from Illinois where we see Democrats get quite creative in stealing elections especially with the cemetery vote," said Jack Lombardi. "But the action by the Colorado State Supreme Court makes Illinois Democrats look like pikers.

"This action in Colorado is nothing but a Democratic PR move to take attention away from the Biden scandals and mess," continued Lombardi. "The Colorado Court is taking orders from the Biden White House because they are terrified of Donald Trump and how he takes on the establishment. They know they cannot win so they try this.

"This is not even judicial activism, it is politics pure and simple," concluded Jack Lombardi. "Colorado and the Democrats by disqualifying Donald J. Trump from the ballot are trying to steal an election they know they cannot win. Forget about Russian election interference, we need to be on guard for Democratic vote rigging and election theft that they do not even try to hide."

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