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Beyond the Badge: Navigating Patricia L. Blake's Saga of Valor Community Transformation and An Unmissable 2024 Release Schedule!

The renowned Patricia L. Blake details her trailblazing journey as a woman in the LAPD with a series of exciting multimedia releases in 2023-2024, including a new website, web series, audiobook, and more.

I hope viewers will pull something special from each and every episode; something to use in their own lives, on their own journeys. Remember, this series is really about you, not me.

    YERINGTON, NV, January 10, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Patricia L. Blake emerges from the shadows of her three-decade commitment to the Los Angeles Police Department, revealing a narrative that transcends the limits of a badge. As a retired officer and community advocate, Patricia uses her many experiences and narrative prowess to unfold a rich tapestry that is her extraordinary journey.

Beyond her badge, Patricia L. Blake stands as an author extraordinaire. Her literary creation, "Touched by the Hand of God, SEND ME!" beckons readers into the white-knuckle world of a police officer. It's not a mere chronicle of incidents, it's a narrative that captures the raw essence of emotions, confrontations, and the indomitable spirit that characterizes those who don the kevlar vest and uniform with pride each day.

Patricia's enduring legacy in law enforcement intricately weaves a powerful testament deeply embedded in the fabric of public service. In addition to enforcing the law, her thirty-plus years with the LAPD were an exploration of building connections with communities, standing resilient in the face of adversity, and leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts she served. Patricia's unique odyssey transcends the realm of policing and extends into the heart of community impact. Her role as a mentor and leader continues to sow the seeds of inspiration in a new generation of law enforcement professionals. The people whose lives she has touched serve as a living testament to the positive metamorphosis she instigated, firmly establishing her as a local pillar, and making her a legend in her time.

"Touched by the Hand of God, SEND ME!" is a literary high water mark, an immersive and visceral journey, that implores readers to walk in the shoes of a cop; to feel the surge of adrenaline and grasp the depth of sacrifices made. Hoping to reach as large an audience as possible, Patricia is introducing the audiobook version of her debut, and in an innovative twist, she has opted to have it narrated by a Jack Webb-style male voice rather than her own. This inspired decision not only underscores the book's theme of breaking early gender norms in the LAPD (as Patricia herself did), but also adds a Dragnet-style, episodic, case-by-case feel to the project.

Clearly, Patricia L. Blake has embraced the digital frontier wholeheartedly, even unveiling her new website, in late 2023. This virtual haven goes beyond a traditional website; it's a sanctuary for those seeking inspiration, insights, and a profound connection with a woman who has weathered the storms of duty. Patricia, in sync with the times, has managed to bolster her narrative mission through vibrant social media platforms, much of which begins this week.

Adding to the anticipation, Patricia L. Blake has announced the release of a her long-awaited podumentary (podcast + documentary) series, titled SEND ME! An 8-episode saga that delves deep into her experiences, the show's first installment, arriving January 12th, sets the stage for all the exciting content to come. This includes seven more episodes rolling out this year, in 2024. This series promises an intimate exploration of the challenges, triumphs, and life lessons that have defined Patricia's remarkable journey.

"In the first episode of SEND ME!, I've aimed to capture the essence of my experiences," confesses Patricia Blake. "I tried to show that even in tough times, we all possess inner strength. Wherever this exciting series takes us, I hope viewers will pull something special from each and every episode; something to use in their own lives, on their own journeys. Remember, this series is really about you, not me."

In an era where narratives wield unparalleled influence, where voices demand resonance, Patricia L. Blake's digital expedition becomes a compelling force like nothing else you'll experience this year! Join her on Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and delve into her stories, glean insights, and perhaps find fragments of your own narrative intertwined within hers.


Patricia L. Blake is not just a retired LAPD officer; she's a storyteller, a mentor, and a community architect. Her literary masterpiece, "Touched by the Hand of God, SEND ME!" and its newly released audiobook delves into the highs and lows of a life committed to providing exceptional law enforcement service to the community she dedicated herself to serving. Patricia's digital presence on and various social media platforms extends an invitation to a shared journey of inspiration, faith and resilience.

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