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Enhanced Document Storage in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Document Storage in Business Central gets a significant boost with Insight Works' DocXtender. This free app offers drag-and-drop document management, SharePoint integration, and support for various document types.

DocXtender offers a practical, no-cost solution for Business Central users, simplifying the storage and management of various document types with ease and efficiency.

    EDMONTON, AB, January 17, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since its launch in 2017, Insight Works' DocXtender has been a significant addition to the Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) community, offering a comprehensive, free solution for document storage. The app's sustained relevance in the BC environment is a testament to its effectiveness in simplifying document storage and accessibility.

Streamlined Document Management with Drag-and-Drop Feature

DocXtender's drag-and-drop functionality remains a key factor in its enduring popularity. This feature lets users attach PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, images, and other files directly to a Business Central record. It addresses the limitations of traditional file-sharing methods, particularly in ease of use and efficiency.

Traditional network file shares often complicate the process of uploading and retrieving documents. In contrast, DocXtender's integration with Business Central records simplifies document management by enabling users to drag files from their systems directly onto the relevant BC records. This seamless process facilitates the initial upload and ensures straightforward, efficient future access to documents, directly enhancing productivity.

Unmatched Compatibility and Unlimited Attachments

DocXtender's compatibility with a wide range of Business Central pages and its capacity for unlimited document attachments continue to make it an ideal solution for businesses handling large volumes of data. Its adaptability to various business needs underlines its value in diverse operational contexts.

Seamless SharePoint Integration and Multi-Language Support

The app's smooth integration with SharePoint is a boon for users already within the SharePoint ecosystem, promoting an organized and cohesive document management system. DocXtender's multi-language support also caters to the global business community, ensuring accessibility and efficiency across different linguistic backgrounds.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Solution

Maintaining its commitment to cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability, DocXtender is free, advocating digital over physical document storage. This approach aligns with modern eco-friendly practices and offers a practical solution for businesses looking to manage their documents efficiently.

Broad Applicability Across Various Business Roles

DocXtender's utility extends across multiple organizational roles, including supply chain managers, accounting personnel, quality assurance specialists, sales representatives, project managers, human resources professionals, IT administrators, and customer service representatives. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in diverse operational scenarios.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Compared with other products, DocXtender's robust integration capabilities with Business Central and SharePoint, support for various document types, and allowance for unlimited attachments highlight its superiority in document management within the Business Central framework.

DocXtender continues to offer a user-friendly, efficient, and practical solution for document management in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Its intuitive interface, combined with SharePoint integration and support for multiple document types, streamlines the document handling process, reinforcing its position as an essential tool for Business Central users.

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DocXtender enables users to attach various documents to any compatible Business Central page via an intuitive drag-and-drop feature.