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Scholar and AI Translated the Quran: A Groundbreaking approach

In a significant development in Quranic studies, Talal Itani, a Quran scholar and software engineer, has collaborated with advanced artificial intelligence to produce a unique translation of the Quran.

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Revolutionary Collaboration Between Scholar and AI Produces Unparalleled Quran Translation

In a landmark achievement, Talal Itani, a distinguished Quran scholar and AI expert, in collaboration with advanced Artificial Intelligence, has unveiled a groundbreaking Quran translation at This innovative approach combines the best of human intellect and technological prowess, setting a new standard in Quranic translation.

A New Era in Quranic Understanding: This unique translation project represents a fusion of Mr. Itani's deep knowledge of the Quran and his expertise in software engineering and AI. The result is a translation that is not just a mere rendition of words but a comprehensive conveyance of the Quran's profound wisdom, poetic beauty, and intricate nuances.

What Sets This Translation Apart?

Clarity and Accessibility: Crafted for clarity and ease of understanding, this translation speaks directly to the heart, making the Quran's wisdom accessible to all, regardless of age or background.
Precision and Fidelity: Meticulously ensuring fidelity to the original, the translation reflects the Quran's depth and guidance with precision.

Contemporary Language: Utilizing modern English while preserving the timeless message, the translation bridges the gap between ancient scripture and contemporary readers.

Poetic Elegance: Beyond conveying meanings, this translation captures the Quran's poetic essence, offering a soulful reading experience.

Purity and Unbiased Approach: The rendition remains free from personal or sectarian biases, offering a pure and unadulterated interpretation of the Quran.

High Linguistic Standards: Achieving a high Grammarly score and a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level suitable for young readers, the translation adheres to rigorous grammatical standards.

An Innovative Hybrid Approach: Recognizing the limitations of AI in capturing the Quran's essence on its own, Mr. Itani developed a hybrid method, blending AI's technical capabilities with his scholarly acumen. This collaborative process involved iterative translation, selection of the perfect words and sentences, and meticulous editing to ensure the translation's integrity and beauty.

A Translation for Everyone: This translation transcends religious boundaries, inviting people of all faiths to explore the Quran's universal messages of wisdom, solace, and spiritual nourishment. Released under a Creative Commons license, it encourages free sharing and engagement with the Quran's teachings.

Experience the Transformational Journey: Witness a transformative way of experiencing the Quran. Visit to explore this exceptional translation and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery. For more information or inquiries, contact Talal Itani at [email protected].

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