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AI Brainstorm Creator induces globally shared Peak Experiences in Members for free in World's largest AI-assisted Social Experiment

Working at the interface of the most advanced AI and Human Intelligence, NGO is building a worldwide 'Hero's Journey' to address planetary challenges

"We believe we are doing something very much like creating a new human species" says Patel.

    PALO ALTO, CA, January 18, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As part of a never before attempted worldwide AI-driven social experiment, NGO AI Brainstorm Creator is using the latest Generative AI plus social media to initiate daily peak emotional experiences in participants around the world at the same time. According to CIO Amy Chang, "By inciting powerful AI-assisted brainstorms in people's lives on a daily basis, shared with others around the globe, we can not only help individuals optimize their own thoughts and emotions to help themselves and others, we can build a worldwide communal sense of movement towards a shared purpose, somewhat like a grand version of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey."

The program had its roots in India and Nepal in 2019, when early adopters were using TikTok for Good to create thousands of videos educating and researching the causes for Climate Change, poverty, and illiteracy. "What we found," says Innovation Director John Toomey, "is that mass co-creation and consumption of social media like short-form videos, shows that there is something like a Recommended Daily Allowance for human emotions, just as there is for physical nutrients. The ones that consistently stick out are Gratitude, Awe, Laughter, Communal self-sacrifice, and the buzz derived from group brainstorming. When shared every day with hundreds of others around the world via social media, these affectual experiences improve individual and community well-being, as well as the group's ability to address real world challenges."

The NGO's precursors developed several protocols for refining and maximizing this phenomenon, but until the modern versions of Generative AI like ChatGPT or came along, they couldn't systematize the process on a worldwide scale. "But now we can consistently induce these feeling states among thousands concomitantly, allowing participants to hobnob with like-minded people around the world who are on the same emotional and psychological wavelength," says Education Director Savithri Patel.

Brainstorms are initiated through shared online experiences which have shown repeatedly they can induce given feeling states in a maximum number of members. The image that heads this article, for example is an AI-generated graphic whose parts seem to move when stared at extensively, which produces a sense of Awe. This might be followed by an experience like, the infinitely zooming collaborative painting. Laughter is generated by, the program started by an Indian cardiologist which can now be shared worldwide.

Participants record the brainstorms that ensue from these global social experiences on group mind maps, co-created with and MindMeister.

By April, Awards will be conferred every day on the most concise, actionable and insight-evoking brainstorms. Especially favored will be those which address the 170 sub-targets listed underneath the UN's 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals.

"We believe we are doing something very much like creating a new human species" says Patel. "The discovery that with the help of AI we can train our brains to build the fittest emotional peak states, customized to each of us and shared with the world so that we can better cooperate with our fellows to address the world's toughest challenges, truly offers a new frontier for Humanity."

The program was created by Be the Singularity and Artificial Intelligence for Good, as well as researchers and scholars from Harvard, Stanford, Taras Shevchenko University in Ukraine, Tokyo University, Tsinghua University, the University of Delhi, Universidade de Sao Paulo, University of the Witwatersrand, and Cambridge.

For general questions write to [email protected].

To apply to join the Beta write to [email protected]. Those who join the Beta before January 22 and meet requirements may have a brainstorming award named after them.
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AI Brainstorm Creator is an NGO which employs the latest Generative AI and social media techniques to improve individual and communal well-being.

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