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Are you ready? New Jersey Divorce Law Firm Explains What You Need to do Before Filing for a Divorce

Filing for divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, so think about what standards and criteria you are looking for in a law firm or attorney to represent you and ask those questions at your initial meeting.

"By planning ahead, including gathering the necessary information and organizing your priorities, you can help ensure that your divorce will go as smoothly and quickly as possible."

    HACKENSACK, NJ, February 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Preparation is a key component in getting the respect you deserve in divorce proceedings. Here are 6 tips to help you prepare to file your case:

1. Before filing for divorce, take inventory of your assets. Unless you have a rock-solid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, distributing your assets is likely to be a major component of the divorce process, and, even then, exchange of financials and documentation may still be part of the process.

2. After you take inventory, determine which assets are "marital" and which are "separate." As a general rule, assets acquired during your marriage will fall into the first category, while anything you owned before you got married will fall into the second.

3. Next, review your personal and family finances. It is best to start itemizing what your monthly household budget and expenses are compared to you and your spouse's income. Identifying and making a list of all assets and liabilities will also be required so might as well get a head start.

4. After that you'll want to collect your financial records. While you are reviewing your finances, you should start making copies of your financial records. This includes pay stubs, W-2s, 1099s, tax returns, account statements, and any other records you may have for the last 3 years at minimum.

5. Next, prioritize your goals. Getting divorced inherently involves an element of compromise. As you begin preparing for your divorce, you will want to start to think about what is truly a priority for you and what want from the outcome of the process. You can think in terms of "ideal" outcomes, but then what are you willing to accept as Plan B if your ideal is not realistic or in alignment with the law. You can start asking yourself whether there are specific assets you want to keep? How much time do you want to spend with your children?

6. Last, honestly assess how the process is likely to go. Consider this: Do you think you and your partner will be able to come to terms amicably? Or are you expecting disagreements at every step along the way?

Budget for Litigation: Based on #6 above, this will determine the cost of your divorce process. It is best to set aside or think about a budget to get you through to the end. Whether for attorney's fees, court costs, or mediation sessions. Once you determine a budget, increase it by 25% just in case so you have a buffer. It is better to have the financial resources set aside and not need them than not. "By planning ahead, including gathering the necessary information and organizing your priorities, you can help ensure that your divorce will go as smoothly and quickly as possible," says attorney Carrie S. Schultz of Men's & Father's Rights Divorce Lawyers.

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