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Reshaping Online Advertising: BeOp's Innovative Solutions to Challenges on the Horizon

    NEW YORK, NY, February 13, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- BeOp, a leader in conversational advertising, announces a series of innovative initiatives and strategic partnerships, heightening customer focus and positioning for success in 2024. As publishers worldwide seek ad tech solutions that protect and build the value of their data assets, they also must focus on content and advertising experiences that engage their online audiences and maintain trust. In 2024, BeOp sees rising opportunity for publishers at the intersection of content management and contextual ad tech to foster conversations between audiences and brands directly within and around trusted media. The company's solutions, used by the majority of France's premium publishers, deliver transformative functionalities that complement publisher content, delight users and attract attentive interactions, and build audience loyalty - all with user permission and without 3rd-party cookies.

Publishers have new opportunity to build value in 1st-party data and guard against data leakage:
BeOp is clear in its vision that publisher data belongs to the publisher. The company's solutions were designed with deep understanding of GDPR and overall privacy compliance as well as how important it is for publishers to build trust with audiences that give them permission to collect and use data for marketing purposes. With this in mind, BeOp seamlessly integrates with publisher data systems, including consent management, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platforms (CDP), to ensure all zero- and 1st-party data gathered by BeOp becomes an asset of the respective publisher client and can be traced and verified to have proper consent from users. For 2024 BeOp looks forward to releasing new contextual audience tools to give publishers more direct control over how their 1st-party data is used to define audience segments in their private marketplaces.

Trusted partners with tag-on-page integrations best connect premium publishers with advertisers:
BeOp is trusted by premium publishers to create high-quality ad experiences that complement publisher content and drive page yield.
Through direct page integrations, publishers allow BeOp not only to identify where to place custom ad inventory, including between article paragraphs, but also to forecast ad inventory based on contextual attributes such as exact-keyword/phrase matches.
Further, BeOp also integrates with publishers; systems to provide holistic ad management (with direct administrative and editorial access from any publisher page), its own buying interface, and revenue transparency for all BeOp publishers.
Also, through its DMP & CRM connectors, BeOp is an innovative and effective way to enrich the 0 and 1st party databases of publishers. This becomes even Jérémy more meaningful with the disappearance of the 3rd-party cookie.

Lionel Martins, Marketing & Data Director of Amaury Media ( advertising agency of Amaury Group /L'Equipe) stated, "Working with BeOp has become a turnkey solution for contextual ad monetization and revenue as well as 1st-party data and insights that had never before been available to us from a single partner."

Contextual ad tech integrates with conversational ad formats to enhance performance:
BeOp's modular ad tech stack seamless brings together a full range of publisher-side functionality from integrated content management tools and ad serving to "in-article" ad placement with custom ad creatives that are contextually targeted. The result is an impressive combination of faster page load, better user experience, improved search optimization as well as higher page yield from delivering better performance for advertisers. As an example, BeOp collaborates with Reworld MediaConnect, a renowned European publisher, to exclusively serve conversational and other ad formats for Parole de Mamans' ( Jérémy Parola,] of Reworld stated, "BeOp was a delightful surprise for our audience and for our performance metrics, and we now utilize BeOp's platform to manage all ad inventory on our website."

Performance measurement moves beyond clicks to attention metrics derived from user interactions:
As online advertising grapples with significant lingering issues of ad fraud, click fraud and other brand safety issues, advertisers are justified in demanding stronger solutions and transparency from ad tech intermediaries. Listening carefully to advertiser clients, BeOp's platform keeps trust and transparency as core design principles, and delivers a modern buying interface that can directly connect attention metrics to campaign performance. BeOp's helps ensure that human users are paying attention to ad creative by measuring sequenced interactions and time spent as well as patterns of insights from users' responses to poll/survey questions, allowing it to stand behind the performance of its ad creatives. Bastien Leroy, Sales Director at the Digital Keys agency, stated that "Attention is the new standard for high-performing ad campaigns. BeOp is demonstrating that contextual targeting with superior ad creative matters even more to performance as Google deprecates 3rd-party cookies."

Implementing a True KPI framework with agency partners to measure and optimize effectiveness:
In partnership with Publicis Media content France, BeOp contributed to the launch of STAMP, a strategic planning offer for Publicis Media Agencies. This exclusive tool measures the impact of content through semantic, contextual, and content targeting, testing key elements such as adhesion, approval, incentive, and attribution. Early results from STAMP are positive, particularly regarding the incentive nature of the content. STAMP allows real-time content perception without the need for cookies.

Marion Bridot, co-head of Publicis Media Content mentiones, "In 2023, the partnership with BeOp on our Stamp product allowed us to be the first agency in the French market to systematically monitor the impact of brand content operations. The initial insights demonstrate how these operations, beyond shaping brand image, have a strong positive impact on engagement and call-to-action."

Nicolas Sadki, COO at BeOp, concludes, "BeOp is reshaping digital advertising with innovations focused on performance, transparency, and privacy respect. The future has never been more exciting and more promising for our publishers and advertiser clients, and we're 100% focused on serving them."

About BeOp:
BeOp is an independent martech and adtech company that operates cookieless conversational formats on premium media. The company currently has 25 employees in France and the US and already works with over 50% of the top 200 French advertisers and 90% of premium publishers. BeOp's conversational approach offers new communication possibilities for brands and media. BeOp's SaaS platform is available at for publishers, advertisers and agencies.

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