All Press Releases for February 14, 2024

Blast NFT2.0 Ecosystem

Envelop has conducted extensive research on the market and is thrilled to announce the launch of a comprehensive large-scale study focusing on the programmable assets market, with a specific emphasis on NFT2.0.

    HONG KONG, February 14, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- DAO Envelop recently launched an aggregator of NFT2.0 projects and the number is already over 145.

In an effort to provide the most accurate and reliable information, Envelop's research initiative is calling for both existing and new projects to collaborate. Whether you are involved in the development of financial NFTs, NFT oracles, NFT derivatives, dynamic NFTs, or other types of NFTs, we invite you to reach out to Envelop through any convenient channel.

By partnering with Envelop, you can ensure that the readers of our research are informed about your project from a trusted and authoritative source. As the web3 technology continues to advance, the boundaries between DeFi, SocialFi and NFTs are becoming increasingly blurred. Don't miss out on the new market narrative—join forces with Envelop to stay ahead of the curve.

NFTs stopped being just images a long time ago, go to the aggregator to see for yourself. Envelop is pleased to introduce you to new NFT2.0 projects in the Blast ecosystem.

Monoswap is a yield-driven DEX. The most important innovation in MonoSwap is the introduction of a groundbreaking approach to liquidity, centered around non-fungible staked positions (sp-NFT or LP-NFT), that users can mint by wrapping LP tokens (i.e., depositing them into the corresponding contract).

These yield-bearing positions serve as an additional layer above regular LP tokens, incorporating new features that benefit both users and protocols:

- Dynamic Handling of Locks and Yield Boosts: Manage locking on staked positions and the accompanying yield enhancements.
- Increased capital efficiency by implementing a variety of custom staking strategies.

- Reusability, both within their protocol, exemplified by Maestro pools, and through the potential for external implementations.

UPTO3 is a platform that turns events into NFTs and provides consensus verification. On Upto3, you can mint and verify events, with your actions being rewarded based on the results. UPTO3 is based on the concept of event knowledge graph, which builds and utilizes event graphs to provide users with complete and accurate event correlation information, thus supporting various intelligent applications and decision analysis. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, UPTO3 efficiently extracts event elements such as subjects, time and event content from big data. In addition, the system intelligently establishes relationships between events, providing a solid foundation for building an event knowledge graph.

Alpha Club is the yield bearing marketplace for hearing whispers, it aims to be the de facto place for voices to be heard and shared in crypto. Think about a Web3, tokenized voice recording (e.g. voice clips of secrets) and voice streaming platform. Users can create clubs (which can later be turned into NFTs), trade access to clubs like stocks, and upload/record voices or place voice spaces in these clubs. Access to a club is represented by a "card" that conforms to the ERC-3525 standard. Thus, the card can be linked to items off-chain, making it a repository for items such as IDs, coupons, Airdrop points, or even access to NFC-enabled devices, opening up real-world use cases.

50x50 proposes to use your imagination for creating a unique NFT on a 50x50 pixel canvas. But remember that everyone can use this canvas! A snapshot occurs every 24 hours. The NFT goes to the person who painted the most pixels. This is a great example of co-creation that relates to the community NFT (cNFT).

Envelop is one of the pioneers of NFT2.0, has taken the concept of tokenization with programmable functions to new heights. One of Envelop's leading innovations is NFT2.0 as Gifts.

Furthermore, Envelop introduces on-chain multi-royalties for all through NFT2.0. Envelop is one of the pioneers skilled Dynamic NFTs.
Envelop also revolutionizes ticket sales, subscriptions, and content access through NFT2.0.

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