All Press Releases for May 25, 2008

G.W. Exotic Animal Park gives birth to first Liger Twins in Oklahoma

The G.W. Exotic Animal Park announces its the first to have baby Ligers born in the state of Oklahoma and with healthy twin little girl cubs. These were allowed to breed naturally with no help from humans.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - WYNNEWOOD, OK, May 25, 2008 - On May 20, 2008 The G.W. Exotic Animal Park was able to announce the birth of long awaiting twin Liger cubs. Two Females were born after 9 years of waiting, "said Park Director Joe Schreibvogel" These beautiful twin little girls are the first Ligers known to be born in Oklahoma. One other Liger lives within the State at Safari's Sanctuary in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The G.W. Exotic Animal Park also houses Oklahoma's only pair of Taliger cubs which were born last year. The Liger is an offspring of a Lion Father and a Female Tiger giving an offspring of a Liger. Now the Taliger is an offspring of a White Tiger Male and a Liger Female giving an offspring of a Taliger. Millions of years ago back in the dinosaur age the world only had a Saber Tooth Tiger, which looked like a lion but with large K-9 teeth. When the continents divided it is believed that Saber Tooth Tigers got trapped on different continents and grew to the environment that which they lived in creating the Tigers and Lions. Being from the same feline family they are able to breed together creating the Liger which is born without the growth gene allowing the Liger grow much larger. Worlds largest being nearly 11 foot tall living in Miami Florida. The interesting thing is to find out through letting these cats grow up together, the Ligers and the Male Taligers if they will breed again without human interference. We plan to find out said Joe Schreibvogel, We are going to let the male Taligers and the female Ligers grow up together and see if they will breed again giving us offspring of giant Lion offspring. Since the Taligers already have ¾ Lion and the Liger has ½ lion this should in theory get rid of all the stripes and spots and produce even a larger offspring than that of a liger says Joe. Letting this all happen in a natural environment in a large habitat under trees and tall grass is the only way this will happen for us, we will not make them breed or use any artificial means to make this happen, Joe Says.
The cubs will all be on display now and in late August of 2008 they will be moved to their 40,000 foot display with a pond, hills, and plenty of play room for interested people come watch them become part of Oklahoma's history. The G.W. Exotic Animal park is located south of Oklahoma City on Interstate 35 at exit 64. For more information contact

The G.W. Exotic Animal Park is a not for profit 501-c-3-org,

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