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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Helps Teens Break Free from Social Media and Tech Addiction

How Teens at Blue Ridge Wilderness Learn to Unplug and Recharge

    CLAYTON, GA, May 25, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Acknowledging concerning trends in adolescent technology addiction, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is committed to providing clinically sophisticated, evidence-based and individualized treatment for teens. The program aims to address mental health issues perpetuated by social media and gaming addiction, such as low self esteem, poor body image, depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and more.

Time Spent in Nature

Freed from the constant barrage of screen media and digital interruptions, students at Blue Ridge can engage in self-reflection, connect with peers in genuine face-to-face interactions, and reassess their priorities.

Blue Ridge Executive Director, Danielle Hava, LCSW explains: "By removing smartphones and mobile devices from the equation, we create a space where students can fully immerse themselves in an environment free from distractions. Our gorgeous field area of waterfalls, rivers and mountains offers a serene environment where students can slow down and learn to navigate their emotions without numbing and isolating with screen time."

Skill-building and Outdoor Adventures

The nature-based therapy program offers a diverse range of therapeutic outdoor activities aimed at nurturing our students' growth and well-being. Activities such as hiking and backpacking to camping and nature exploration, along with team-building exercises serve as conduits for developing new skills, enhancing resilience, and fostering healthy relationships.

Through these outdoor pursuits, adolescents not only rediscover the pleasure of physical movement but also gain invaluable insights into cooperation, problem-solving, and personal development.

Opportunities to Develop Self-Efficacy and Resilience

In addition to developing coping skills and spending time in nature, students at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness engage in hands-on learning, mastering essential life skills like cooking over a campfire, navigating trails, carving, fire-making and creative exploration. This integrative programming has shown to help students cultivate social adaptability and positive self-concept while simultaneously reducing mental health symptoms in adolescents with emotional, behavioral, and substance use problems.

Hava continues, "As students become more confident, their dependence on external stimuli diminishes, leading to genuine fulfillment and self-expression through tangible accomplishments. The sincere effort students employ, combined with the skills they gain, translate in lasting ways as they transition back to their homes and communities."

Holistic, Individualized Treatment

At Blue Ridge, students benefit from personalized treatment plans and holistic therapeutic care provided by a dedicated team of wilderness experts, licensed clinicians, and mental health professionals. Through individual and group therapy sessions, participants delve into the root causes of their technology addictions which are often born from deeper patterns of isolation, anxiety, depression and dependency. With guidance from their primary therapist and treatment team, they confront emotional hurdles and cultivate healthier coping strategies.

Early clinical and psychiatric assessments at Blue Ridge aid in comprehensive understanding of what might be driving students to isolate or overuse technology, allowing for personalized treatment plans, targeted family support resources and specific objectives for discharge planning.

Prioritizing Connection with Others

Hava underscores the importance the program places on peer relationships, stating that "[Blue Ridge] understands that a sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, and that relationships with family, peers, and community play a crucial role in shaping adolescents' development," She shares that within each group, "students find a supportive environment where they can openly share experiences, offer encouragement, and glean insights from one another."

She concludes, "This strong sense of community serves as a powerful antidote to the isolation often perpetuated by excessive technology use. Ultimately, it cultivates essential interpersonal communication and trust skills vital for healthy social interactions and personal growth."

Finding lasting solutions for adolescent and young adult social media addiction at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

If your child is grappling with technology overuse, wilderness therapy could be the right solution for your family.

At Blue Ridge, we provide a refreshing and practical approach to addressing technology addiction in today's screen-dominated era. By offering a spectrum of outdoor therapeutic activities alongside sophisticated clinical support, Blue Ridge Wilderness aids young individuals aged 12 to 28 and their families in navigating emotional and behavioral challenges such as depression, anxiety, defiance, and trauma. In our program, they reconnect with themselves, cultivate vital life skills, and rediscover a vibrant life beyond the confines of social media and technology.

Equip your child with the tools they need to lead balanced lives in one of our therapeutic wilderness programs. For further details about our program, please call our admissions line at 888-914-1050 or reach out to us on our website today.

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