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Enerceutical Mediated Activation of the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway: A Clinical Trial Open to Qualified Parents of Autistic Children

Preliminary studies have shown marked improvements in autistic patients using a procedure that activates the body's capacity to suppress a persisting stealth adapted virus infection; the underlying cause of autism. Parents are being recruited to help evaluate this simple, home based procedure.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - Burbank, CA, June 27, 2008 - A natural therapy that activates the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway has been developed by the Institute of Progressive Medicine and is available for extended clinical studies in patients with various illnesses, including autism. Qualified parents of autistic children are being offered the opportunity to participate in these studies by acting as clinical investigators within the Institute of Progressive Medicine. According to Dr. W. John Martin, MD, PhD. founder of the Institute of Progressive Medicine, the increasing incidence of autism is attributed to a relatively silent epidemic of an infectious disease process affecting adults that, in pregnant women, can cause brain damage of the fetus leading to the subsequent development of autism. He firmly believes the infectious agents are "stealth adapted" viruses that lack the antigenic components normally targeted by the cellular immune system. "There has been an over emphasis on some of potential triggering factors of an autism breakdown," stated Dr. Martin, "rather than pursuing the fundamental cause of autism; seeking a truly effective therapy ;and most importantly, trying to prevent autism from developing in a susceptible, stealth adapted virus infected child."

The current treatment protocol is predicated upon the underlying postulate that autism is primarily caused a congenitally acquired, persisting, non-inflammatory viral infection that can not be effectively controlled by the immune system. Dr. Martin has proposed and has now proven that the body has an auxiliary defense mechanism beyond the immune system, which can suppress the cell damaging effects of viruses, including those that are stealth adapted. This protection can be increased by activating the ACE pathway using products termed enerceuticals. Some of these products work well if placed against the body and illuminated with an ultraviolet-A light.

The autism related studies using a light stimulated enerceutical medical device are being coordinated, in part, by Mr. BJ McKelvie, the co-producer of the autism anthem song "I'm in Here." "We have begun to see remarkable improvements in the treated children" commented Mr. McKelvie. "It is time to move forward with much more extensive clinical testing and for this we need parent participation. With a well coordinated effort, we can potentially achieve at least a 50% improvement in the intellectual and social functioning of children labeled as being autistic. This has occurred with my own son immediately after beginning the therapy."

While still investigational, the studies also hold promise as a potential approach to preventing autism from occurring in children born to mothers presumptively infected with a stealth adapted virus. "Maintaining an active ACE pathway during the first few years of life may help virus infected infants resist some of the suspected triggers of an autistic breakdown in interpersonal communication" commented Dr. Martin. "A major challenge for public health authorities is to stop denying the existence of stealth adapted viruses, some of which clearly originated from African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV) contamination of earlier batches of live polio virus vaccines."

More information on this topic is available at or my sending an e-mail to [email protected] Parent enrollment procedures for the autism study can be viewed at the web site or obtained by contacting Mr. BJ McKelvie via e-mail to [email protected]

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