All Press Releases for June 28, 2008

Guessermania's new Social / Marketing twist approach urged to satisfy both the site users and advertisers.

Guessermania's goal is to sell their web site as a successful and effective advertising tool for at least One Million US Dollars and they are inviting everyone to participate in this project as Guessermania Shareholders, investing only their time and efforts.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - TORONTO, CANADA, June 28, 2008 - The site offers to play free bookmaking simulation games. All Guessermania games are free and enable millions of people to vie for Guessermania Dollars (G$). Guessermania allows people to compete against one another through guessing, so that players may win more or less, depending on how well they perform. Even if players do not win anything - they don't lose anything either, since all games are free. All Guessermania Money (G$) collected remain in players account until they spend it buying Guessermania Shares.

Guessermania's main idea is to satisfy both the players buying shares, and the advertisers with the ads delivery able to reach narrow or wide audiences breaking it down by the user's gender, age and location. The advertisement delivery accuracy is a unique feature distinguishing Guessermania from many other advertising companies, assuring that the ads will be precisely delivered to the given consumer audience.

One Million Guessermania Shares issued on the site's launch day and Guessermania is offered for sale from its first day too. Everyone is invited to become a Guessermania Shareholder. Guessermania Shares can only be purchased with Guessermania Dollars at a rate of G$100 per Share.

The One Million US Dollars price tag on this site may initially sound unrealistic, but a simple calculation provided on the site "Do the Math" page, shows that this ambitious project is actually very realistic. And, the page Internet real time growth simulator is really inspiring to take a chance with Guessermania right away.

Guessermania designed for an effective advertising. The calculation shows that with One Thousand active Guessermania users, the site will be able to return the Million Dollar investment in less than three years, and with ten thousand users - in less than just four months!

Each Shareholder will receive their portion of Guessermania's selling price accordingly to the number of Guessermania Shares they own at the moment when we reach a deal and sell Guessermania

Another distinguishing feature is that Guessermania it's an open concept site, where users are welcome to be a part of the activities, and encouraged to be involved with the site content creation and moderation. Private messaging between the site users, discussion boards, Leaderboards for each event category, Best of Guessermania, Ratings, and other features, allow Guessermanians to socialize, provide feedback and compete against each other getting rewarded when they win the top scores in the following Best of Guessermania monthly categories: The Best Guesser, The Best Publisher, The Best Bidder and The Best Referrer.

The site members are also encouraged to upload their photos to their profiles, building a community of people who are on one hand competing against each other make G$, but on another hand, spending more time on Guessermania, doing something useful for each and every one of them - building the site traffic and as a result making the sale of the site happen sooner!

Our team has also started developing their own advertising engine that will allow them to deal with the advertisers directly, avoiding the third party. Once the Ad Center application is ready, Guessermania will step up to the next level of the site's history: all Guessermania players will be able to start converting their G$ into US$, and the advertisers to reach their audiences directly via the Guessermania Ads Center!

Adotas (, in their exclusive Guessermania pre-launch article, said about the project the following: "Guessermania Founder Says He'll Make You Rich!". Well, this is not a get-rich-fast business - to become rich everyone will still have to work hard and dedicated.

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