All Press Releases for May 13, 2005 Announces New Infomercials and Virtual Trade Shows - Tops 2,500 Tutorials - Reaches New Pinnacle in Rich Media Technology Insights

After years and thousand of hours of development, TECHtionary has now 2,500 rich media animated tutorials on technology. With an estimated five million animation effects, TECHtionary speeds delivery of the knowledge process.

    / - May 13, 2005 - Today, "we reached a "new pinnacle" in delivering "rich media insights into technology and their implications," noted Thomas Cross CEO of [email]] . After years and thousand of hours of development, TECHtionary has now 2,500 rich media animated tutorials on technology. With an estimated five million animation effects, TECHtionary speeds delivery of the knowledge process. The implications for business are profound. Here's what a few people are saying:

"Tom and his team continue to impress us with both the quality and volume of their tutorials. It's incredible that they've reached the milestone of 2500 tutorials in such a short time. As we've shared the TECHtionary tutorials with our users, we've gotten consistently positive feedback about the quality and depth of the material." Jeff Ramminger - Executive Vice President - [url=] - the Internet's most highly trafficked business technology search site

"As a master agent, my business has evolved from long distance to now VoIP, SPAM, storage, web conferencing and other emerging technologies. Our product line continues to expand more rapidly than ever. continues to add new insights and implications for technology to keep my staff, 500 agents and thousands of customers educated and informed on technology. is the quintessential source on technology." Geoffrey Shepstone - President - Telecom Brokerage, Inc. - [url=]

"'s tutorials provide concise definitions, illustrated by excellent graphics for a huge variety of terms of art from the converged worlds of virtually all communications mediums. It is a basic and essential learning tool both for the newly initiated and long-time professionals working or planning to work in the industry." Barry L. Hjort - Executive Vice President - Colorado Telecommunications Association - [url=]

" is the 21st Century version of an Oxford or Webster's for technical terms. is the definitive learning tool for technical terms whether one is a layperson trying to understand a complex concept or a techie with a question. TECHtionary's visual explanation animated in Flash is light-years beyond just reading a bunch of static words and trying to visualize what a text definition is telling you." Hal Josephson - CEO - MediaSense - [url=]

"As technology continues to rapidly change, it is refreshing to see add content to keep up with the fast pace. is a powerful tool in keeping up to date on current technology terms." Matt Jolly - Network Engineer Oxford Networks

"We have found that is a great compliment to our on-line tutorials for salespeople. It's great content and it stays current. Our clients love it!"
Orrin Broberg - CEO - [url=]

"Congratulations on reaching a new pinnacle in educational excellence. In my opinion, is the most comprehensive online visual reference-learning system available. is the greatest tool I have ever encountered to help us know more about what we need to know more about. I am increasingly involved as an expert witness. I have used to educate my clients who do not have any idea what the technology is all about such as VoIP, WiFi and other emerging technologies such as WiMax. In a recent case about a cable cut of an optical fiber, no one really understood what the issues were all about. I recently used to bring the law suit to closure faster saving my client thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and lengthy litigation. In addition, unlike books and even most web-based systems, there is something new on everyday and we all need to learn something new everyday." Paul C. Daubitz President - ATI-Telemanagement - (past President of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants) [url=]

The goal, according to Cross is, "to create the most compelling knowledge experience available.

New TECHtionary Rich Media Products
With growth in emerging technologies, TECHtionary announced two rich media services - TECH-infomercials and Virtual Trade Shows. "Extending corporate content by creating short "fast facts," rich media (Flash, etc.) is an exciting area," Cross commented. He added, "There are a lot of debates regarding what the online user is looking for. Not everyone wants to play a game or quiz every time they are on the web. Sometimes you want to see something more than you are going to get on television. We have created simple one-minute animated demonstrations which give the user a "working knowledge" of a product or service. Then, there's the option to add buttons, which provides in-depth technical information, a sales brochure, or an order form."
In regard to virtual trade shows, Cross noted, "this is another area of huge debate. Companies want more options regarding their participation in trade shows. Trade show providers don't want to siphon off their cash cow business. What we are offering is an online trade show, not a replacement for a live show. However, there are thousands of customers who do not have the budget to go to live shows but are looking for more than just boring text White Papers." The key, according to Cross, "is a lively, fun environment with T-shirts, baseball caps and other trinket giveaways for answering questions, participating in web seminars or other online events. With the right rich media content, potential customers can easily spend more time in a virtual trade booth than a live trade show booth."
Demonstrations of TECH-infomercials and Virtual Trade Shows are available at [url=]

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