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Cute Password Manager - The safer, easier way to login websites

Cute Password Manager, developed by iBit-Lab, is a powerful and easy-to-use browser utility designed for Internet Explorer and Maxthon. Cute Password Manager effectively solves all the issues of storing and using login data for various web accounts.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - ALEXANDRIA, VA, July 06, 2008 - Cute Password Manager, developed by iBit-Lab, is a powerful and easy-to-use browser utility designed for Internet Explorer and Maxthon. Cute Password Manager effectively solves all the issues of storing and using login data for various web accounts - such as e-mail, online banking, forum, and any other kinds of online accounts - providing users with instant one-click login to their favorite sites as well as a secure password management tool. Cute Password Manager serves as configurable password manager solution where users are able to implicitly turn on or off options of auto-saving passwords and auto-filling login information. The tool also has many additional features that undoubtedly make Cute Password Manager the best utility for those who are seriously concerned about secure, reliable, and faster web surfing. The program per se is protected with master password preventing other people using the same computer from access to private data; meanwhile, Cute Password Manager supports more than one user and therefore any users using the same computer has the ability to create his or her own Cute Password Manager account. Cute Password Manager has neither Spyware nor Adware and is available for FREE without any limitations on quantity of stored web accounts data. After completing installation, the program will prompt users to import all cached logins from Internet Explorer and to convert them into so-called InfoCards that represent each web form "card". Through InfoCards, which are easily available for loading or modifying from the Cute Password Manager system tray, users can perform a one-click login to the corresponding web account. The tool can quickly delete all successfully imported logins from IE cache and users can then forget about storing passwords in IE forever; IE cache is a very unreliable way to keep login data as it can be easily stolen by hackers. Instead of keeping all passwords for web accounts in one's head, Cute Password Manager gives both the convenience of knowing of just one master password for quick access to all the web logins and the avoidance of cases of forgotten passwords. All saved infocards are reliably encrypted. For a user to access the InfoCards stored in Cute Password Manager, he or she must unlock Cute Password Manager by signing in with the master password first. To maintain security, Cute Password Manager has automatic sign out features which can be performed on different occasions: when screensaver loads, when computer goes in "Stand by" mode, when current user switches, or simply after some period of time - users decide everything! InfoCards can be created both manually and in automatic mode - whenever person makes an attempt to login in any web account or submit any web form, the tool conveniently suggests saving of entered information as an Info Card. Once saved, it can be used for instant one-click access in the future.Cute Password Manager InfoCards also act as web form fillers; in fact, one-click web login is just sub-component of the InfoCards feature. InfoCards are meant to store all your Internet fields (including login and password fields). When ever you encounter a form that you previously filled and saved as an Info Card, simply use the Info Card by clicking it and it will automatically fill all the saved fields for you. Cute Password Manager has a restore and backup function that encrypts and saves InfoCards on your local hard disk. Moreover, the developers of Cute Password Manager created a surprisingly useful feature that allows user to send current encrypted password file via email. This can be used for keeping of an additional backup in case of an unexpected computer crash or, for instance, if one uses other person's computer and urgently needs to visit any of one's web accounts. Due to this feature, now a user needs just to download Cute Password Manager and backup a copy of encrypted password file to get the ability for fearless and confident browsing from anywhere! All in all Cute Password Manager is an extremely useful, unbelievably flexible for configuration, and amazingly user-friendly addition for Internet Explorer and Maxthon. It makes web surfing much more secure, comfortable, and a lot easier than before! Moreover, it saves people's invaluable time - visiting online accounts with installed Cute Password Manager has become literally a click of mouse. It is important that Cute Password Manager is not affected by most complex JavaScript login pages that are designed to thwart password monitoring programs. iBit-Lab is constantly improving and adding new features to the product, taking in the account needs and wishes of Cute Password Manager users. It is not surprising that Cute Password Manager has been awarded many times. A must-have and a true gem that really helps! Availability of Cute Password Manager Cute Password Manager is currently available for FREE to anyone.

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Cute Password Manager helps you login your gmail account automatically when you return.