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InTroubleZone Productions Goes National With Its Innovative Episodic TV Commercial Production Services

Florida-based video production company, InTroubleZone Productions, is now offering its innovative and affordable Hollywood-style TV commercial production services to businesses on a national level.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - Naples, FL, July 9, 2008 - During recessionary times, marketing experts advise businesses to keep or increase their advertising budgets in order to gain the edge over their competitors. Instead, many business owners make the common costly mistake of cutting their advertising budgets altogether and as a result, their businesses don't survive.

InTroubleZone Productions (ITZ), a Florida-based video production company, knows that when financial times are tough, businesses must continue to advertise and also try using different techniques in order to survive a sluggish market. ITZ is proud to announce the expansion of its innovative and affordable Hollywood-style episodic commercial production services to businesses on a national level.

Starting in early 2008, ITZ began producing a series of episodic commercials for Ft. Myers (FL) Toyota and the series proved to be a success right from the start. While many auto manufacturers' and dealerships' sales declined during February, Ft. Myers Toyota's sales increased by a healthy 11% in that month alone. But ITZ President and CEO, Chuck Ardezzone, isn't surprised. "These commercials are not your typical car commercials - they are entertaining and memorable, which are the two most important factors when it comes to TV advertising," Ardezzone explains.

When Chuck starting fielding requests from auto dealerships in South Carolina and North Carolina, he knew ITZ was on to something special mainly because dealerships have severely reduced their TV advertising budgets this year. "I think it's a huge mistake for businesses, especially auto dealers, to cut out their TV advertising budgets at a time when it's critical to stay in the minds of consumers," Ardezzone says. "Right now, they really need to focus on increasing their foot traffic by grabbing viewers' attention and giving them a reason to visit their stores. "

ITZ's episodic commercials are unique because they "start from the beginning" and actually follow a storyline. The first few episodes typically introduce the dealership's staff and focus on that store's history. This method helps build dealership and staff recognition with viewers. As a direct result of seeing the sales staff on TV, customers feel as if they already know each sales person the first time they walk through the showroom doors . This technique was proven to be the driving force behind Ft. Myers Toyota's recent sales success.

"The beauty of these commercials is that not only will they appear on TV, but they can also be uploaded to the business's website, YouTube, and other video-streaming websites to gain an even bigger viewing audience," Ardezzone says. "People naturally want to see what's going to happen next in each new episode. Businesses build customer familiarity and loyalty this way, which then also leads to an increase in foot traffic and sales."

Please visit to see an example of an entire web/video marketing package InTroubleZone Productions created for The Toyota Center in West Columbia, South Carolina.

For further information about our episodic commercial production services, media kit, digital images or video trailers, please contact Chuck Ardezzone of InTroubleZone Productions at (239) 348-CREW or via email at [email protected].

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This is the first episode in a series of innovative commercials that InTroubleZone Productions (ITZ) created for The Toyota Center in West Columbia, South Carolina.