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More School Budget Cuts to Come Next School. Maybe A Solution?

School's budgets are becoming an increasing problem around the country. Budget cuts are becoming far too common, but a small company in Burlison, TN is cutting prices on school furnishings to help out the budget.

    / - Burlison, TN, May 24, 2005 - With all of the talk of budget cuts threatening schools all around the U.S, schools are looking to cut every corner possible to get the maximum out of our children's education. Only time will tell if the budget cuts could be affecting education in our country. A small company in Burlison, TN hopes to have a small part of the solution to the problem.

It's starting to become a nation-wide trend, budget cuts throughout schools in the United States. A lot of the extra-curricular activities are being cut away from school, due to lack of funding. Things like reimbursement of athletic transportation have a lot of parents worried because they just can't afford for their children to play sports. Parents of children that have musical interests, but not enough money to pay for private tutors or lessons, could also be out of luck. Music is often another activity that is quickly phased out by budget constraints.

It is even getting to the point where bus routes are being cut out. This could make it impossible for a child to even go to school. Also, teachers and administrators are losing their jobs all around the country. And all of this goes back to a lack of funding from the Government.

A possible solution is to provide schools with products that form a solution to their low-budget needs, while maintaining a high-quality product. This would free up funds for programs like those previously mentioned, and also provides more secure future for teachers.

The example referred to comes from Flex-A-Chart Mfg, as they recently produced a line of hand-made dry erase boards that are both high quality, and meet the school requirements for pricing. They are offered in both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces, as well as options for a pen tray, or no pen tray.

They can be purchased directly from the website, which is located at and the product line mentioned is located at

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