All Press Releases for May 20, 2005

May is National Mental Health Month - But There is Something Terribly Wrong with the System

Depression is not a disease and everyone can recover from it. But it will take breaking away from the medical system.

    / - Grove City, OH, May 20, 2005 - Cases like Christopher Pittman (the 12 year old who shot his grandparents) and Andrea Yates (the mother who drowned her 5 children) and all the school shootings (every instance involved the use of antidepressants) should prompt us to ask: What is wrong with the mental health system?

For example 20 million Americans take antidepressants and use is increasing by 10 percent a year. The fastest growing market segment for antidepressant use is children under the age of 6. Over 250,000 people a year are claiming Social Security disability because of depression. But the public is not hearing the true story about psychiatric drug treatment.

Antidepressant survivor and former pharmaceutical industry executive Jeffrey Wilson knows the inside story because he lived through a 23 year pharmaceutical coma caused by antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs. Invite this inspiring author and lecturer to discuss the truth about psychiatric drugs and the failure of the Mental Health System.
Some key points he will discuss:
· Depression is not a disease like the public has been led to believe.
· Antidepressants do not fix anything.
· Doctors are not doing their jobs by writing a prescription.
· The Government can't and won't protect us - they're actually promoting the problem.
· The true cause of and solution for depression.
· How people's lives are being ruined by a medical system out of control.
· An even bigger crisis - government mandated screening of our children and treatment with powerful psychiatric drugs.

Credentials: Jeffrey Wilson is not a doctor but a survivor of the abuse inflicted on him by a medical system that blindly promotes drug use. He survived 23 years of "treatment" and is a former executive at the world's largest distributor of pharmaceuticals where he saw first hand how corrupt the system is. He is also the author of Irrational Medicine: The Antidepressant Crisis And How To Avoid Unnecessary Behavioral Drugs. For additional information check out

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