All Press Releases for June 02, 2005 Infomercials "Accelerate Customer Acquisition, Lower Customer Support Costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction" expands Flash infomercial program to reduce the sales cycle, reduce customer training and support costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Infomercials can be created on any topic from executive presentations to new hire topics for any industry (real estate to food service).

    /24-7PressRelease/ - June 02, 2005 - "For a long time now, viewers have expressed their frustration regarding vendor sales efforts," indicated Tom Cross of "They tell us they simply don't understand what the vendors are telling them. Vendors have tunnel-vision about their products and often do not see the totality of customer problems. Viewers tell us that our "pictionary" animations help them understand technology faster than any other source," Cross added. In that light, has expanded its "Techmercials" or flash infomercials to help vendors develop more effective customer sales presentations. "Extending corporate content by creating short "fast facts," rich media (Flash, etc.) is an exciting area," Cross commented. He added, "There are a lot of debates regarding what the online user is looking for. Not everyone wants to play a game or quiz every time they are on the web. Sometimes you want to see something more than you are going to get on television. We have created simple one-minute animated demonstrations which give the user a "working knowledge" of a product or service. Then, there's the option to add buttons, which provides in-depth technical information, a sales brochure, or an order form." Demonstrations of TECH-infomercials is available at [url=]

Here are some of the comments we have received so far: "I am quite interested in your infomercial for telephone features. Within the last few years our school district spent a great deal of money to provide a phone system for every school with telephones in every classroom. Each employee was required to attend training sessions on how to use these multifunction phones. In spite of our efforts, I am often disappointed to learn that the phones are not being used to their full capacity. When training took place, the participants learned what they could absorb at that moment. Typically, this is how to make a call, receive a call, and retrieve voice-mail. Most of our employees struggle with how to change their outgoing voice-mail message, how to switch from a daytime to evening message, how to leave a voice-mail or broadcast a message, how to page, how to remotely check their messages, how to transfer a call, or how to do a conference call. I am interested in animations that I could share with others as I learn of their specific needs. Unfortunately, once our initial training was complete, we've neglected to train our new employees. Your work would also take care of this training need." - Cindy Johnson - Director of Technology - Lee County Public Schools
"From a business perspective, tutorials work well in three ways 1-Faster customer acquisition, 2-Lower customer service costs and 3-Increased customer satisfaction. 1 - In regard to customer acquisition, complex concepts like Simplified Relocation, Outlook Integration, SIP, VoIP and many others, are made simple and easy to understand when VoIP Technology infomercials are utilized. These infomericals reduce the number of days in the evaluation process and dramatically reduce the effort needed to produce sales. In addition, we have found that happy customers are more likely to refer us to other businesses and provide sales for us. In addition, as a Master Channel Partner, animations provide the means to train agents rapidly and easily.
2 - In regard to the enormous costs associated with customer support, it's not the 1st call or even the 2nd call that causes support costs to skyrocket.
It is the continuous changes in customer staff turnover, new-hires and increasingly non-English speaking employees that break-the-bank.
Supporting all these types of customers rapidly evaporates profit. The Phoneset animations you have done on Cisco, ShoreTel, NEC, Polycomm and others save enormous amounts of time because support calls don't come in one-at-a-time. We get large bursts of support calls forcing too many callers to end up in the queue with long wait times or leaving voice mail. The Phoneset animations provide a "pictionary" approach to many common support questions for customers who speak any language. This reduces the number and length of calls saving us thousands and gives us the ability to scale our business cost-effectively while maintaining even increasing customer satisfaction.
3 - In regard to customer satisfaction, customers are looking for a vendor who is still responsive after the sale. New features can be added or changed and as new services emerge animations can be easily updated to meet new challenges. Thank you for involving us in your efforts and please share this with anyone you'd like." Mark Sharp - CEO - Vimenture - 303-414-0366 - A Master Agency for ICG, NGT, Qwest and others
"I think you are on the right path with this. I could see this helping with training after the original training, we constantly go back for basic features that someone can not figure out and this might help to curb that problem. I could also see sending this to a decision maker that is at a different office to give them the feel of the product. I would be interested on seeing more of this!" - Doug Hanson - Evolve Technologies -
"Tom and his team continue to impress us with both the quality and volume of their tutorials. It's incredible that they've reached the milestone of 2500 tutorials in such a short time. As we've shared the tutorials with our users, we've gotten consistently positive feedback about the quality and depth of the material." Jeff Ramminger - Executive Vice President - - The Internet's most highly trafficked business technology search site
"As a master agent, my business has evolved from long distance to now VoIP, SPAM, storage, web conferencing and other emerging technologies. Our product line continues to expand more rapidly than ever. continues to add new insights and implications for technology to keep my staff, 500 agents and thousands of customers educated and informed on technology. is the quintessential source on technology." Geoffrey Shepstone - President - Telecom Brokerage, Inc. -
"'s tutorials provide concise definitions, illustrated by excellent graphics for a huge variety of terms of art from the converged worlds of virtually all communications mediums. It is a basic and essential learning tool both for the newly initiated and long-time professionals working or planning to work in the industry." Barry L. Hjort - Executive Vice President - Colorado Telecommunications Association -
" is the 21st Century version of an Oxford or Webster's for technical terms. is the definitive learning tool for technical terms whether one is a layperson trying to understand a complex concept or a techie with a question.'s visual explanation animated in Flash is light-years beyond just reading a bunch of static words and trying to visualize what a text definition is telling you." Hal Josephson - CEO - MediaSense -
"As technology continues to rapidly change, it is refreshing to see add content to keep up with the fast pace. is a powerful tool in keeping up to date on current technology terms." Matt Jolly - Network Engineer Oxford Networks
"We have found that is a great compliment to our on-line tutorials for salespeople. It's great content and it stays current. Our clients love it!"
Orrin Broberg - CEO -

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