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JamBuzzer will build on the 'Virtual Music Industry' by launching a beta version of a major new social music platform in the Fall. Just like independent artists who try to compete against the majors for fans, JamBuzzer is the David against the Goliath of the already established social music sites.

A new social music website, is planning to introduce new concepts to the 'Virtual Music Industry' when it launches in beta mode in the fall of 2008. Exact details of some of the soon to come features are being kept secret from the public for now, but it is already generating attention.

    strong> /24-7PressRelease/ - WARRENVILLE, IL, August 28, 2008 - It is apparent that the music industry is changing completely, even though the major record labels don't want to embrace it. In today's industry, being independent is the way to go. JamBuzzer is looking to completely innovate the way that the music industry is run, in a virtual environment, while putting major music artists and independent music artists on the same field of play.

If major labels and artists want to stay in the game, they will have to present only the best music to fans. JamBuzzer will implement a system where fans have direct control over what music makes it to the top. According to CEO Aaron Bradley, "I believe that some of the songs that are heard on the radio are a result of illegal activities and 'payola' that is still secretly practiced, and some of these so called 'hits' are forced, because the radio is, quote, 'sponsored' to play them in fan's ears over and over again until the fans are finally hypnotized to like it and request it."

JamBuzzer is looking to help establish real music again by creating an algorithm in which the talented artists who are truly 'hungry' enough to put out quality material get to the top.

Gone are the days when you could buy an album, put it in your player, and let the entire record play without skipping. Bradley states, "A lot of today's albums are filled with 'filler' songs, and as a result of fans feeling 'cheated' after buying an entire CD just for one good song, they resort to music downloads and piracy. The industry can't really put all of the blame on the consumer, because they are the ones who disappointed the fans with mediocre material."

Also throw in the fact that technology also plays a role in the way that consumers listen to music, and because of how quickly things are changing, you can see that the major record label 'elephants' are having a hard time adapting, so as a result they are fighting the change, and they're even trying to sue kids who download songs.

JamBuzzer looks to eventually introduce a new model that will not only change the way that music is ranked, awarded, and distributed, but also looks to remove the issues of piracy by taking 'paid music' out of the picture, allowing fans to get music free, while the artists and labels could potentially make even more profits by giving the music to fans for free.

"I can't really go too much into detail about certain things yet, but they will be rolled out in phases. Right now we are just trying to get the beta up and running so we can let artists and fans help us develop the rest from there, but we eventually want to become the face of the new 'virtual music industry,' where new music and artists can be discovered, and fans can be given the chance to interact directly with their favorite artists," Bradley said as he walked back into his office.

He then turns around and humbly states, "It will take a little time and some work, but I believe that with the help and feedback from our artists (jammers) and fans (buzzers), we will be able to eventually complete the development of a music web application that puts the control back in the hands of who it truly belongs to, the artists and the fans. We are the people who truly make the music industry, even though that was forgotten somehow."

Any artist or fan interested in being part of the site when it launches in beta mode can visit and sign up to be notified when it is available.

Up to this point, the project has been totally funded by CEO Bradley, but JamBuzzer is currently looking for investors. Interested investors can contact, [email protected]

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