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U.S. Voters Can and MUST Achieve Congressional Term Limits on November 4, 2008 just by Casting Their Votes for an Honest and More Efficient Government. The Voters problems do not lie with the Presidential Candidates but solely with a corrupt Congress.

Many have tried to petition for and pass legislation for Congressional Term Limits but have failed to get enough votes in the House and Senate. The votes of the people in November will accomplish what they haven't.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - West Haven, CT, September 12, 2008 - Our present Congress has a very dismal rating amongst voters, this is the sure-fired and ONLY way, we as voters can ever realize a feeling of a more honest government by imposing our own brand of term limits by using the formula below. The same formula came up to vote in the House and Senate about 10 years ago and didn't pass. It's no wonder, they were voting on it themselves. That's not fair and balanced for sure, it's kind of one-sided, but do not fear, the voters will correct this in November.

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Madame Speaker, you're time has expired and you should really go along with many others.
The party is over as it's been at our expense. Just look at the deficit.

Let's start getting things accomplished in Washington by electing people with NEW ideas that will listen to the majority of us rather than being arrogant, unapproachable and totally out of touch with the American Voters. No more tending to the will of the powerful few rather than "We the People."

Follow this simple formula and the country could possibly make big strides, especially on the economic front, which is horrendous at this time.

American Voters Can Impose Term Limits on Congress by
Voting for Change by using the guidelines below:

Term Limits for U.S. Senators: (2) Terms @ 6 years = 12 years

Term Limits for U.S. Representatives: (3) Terms @ 2 years = 6 years

Any candidate that's over the 6 or 12 year maximum must be voted out, good or bad to assure a level playing field for all. Not all Congress members are bad, some do what they were elected to do, but more often than not, the majority get caught up in an environment of power, greed, paybacks and favors and it's infectious and they just can't resist it.

Also, please take part in our polls on our modest blog.

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You'll be glad you did and all of us will be a lot better off.

Just think about the possibilities, you might just see the abolishment of sanctuary cities, jobs for American born citizens, less visa programs, the release of the imprisoned border guards, regulations passed for restricting the credit card industry, constructing the border fence, and bringing charges against those responsible for the housing meltdown, re-writing the NAFTA agreement so that it's effect does not destroy America's economic infrastructure and continue to diminish the number of quality of jobs for our own citizens.

We wish to take this time to the salute troops in other lands for defending our country against foreign enemies and we must protect the homefront from domestic enemies that our in our midst and in high places of authority that they often abuse and use for their own advancement.

Dear voters, stay informed, find out who's been in office too long and who has made too many of the wrong friends, when you do, that's the one that has to go, especially if they're too wrapped up in the power trip. He or she would be a loose cannon in the government if allowed to continue in office, we don't need them.

Watch, listen or read the news, it concerns all of us, so please participate in our governmental process and vote. This will be the most important vote you cast as you will be making the proper changes to a broken legislature that has been blinded by their sudden rectal darkness at the behest of their powerful but few benefactors.

Congress CAN'T be effective anymore, too many of the powerful have reached them and it seems more and more likely that they've also reached many of the various court judges around the country. This is evident from some of the bizarre rulings they come up with.

As far as the FBI investigation of Countrywide for example, nothing will ever come of it, Countrywide has Congress in their pockets and it's very likely that the Bank of America will also assert do the same, after all they are now Countrywide's parent company now. Congress definitely has a fondness for the color green and those powerful business leaders know it.

Some of these individuals we call U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives have committed crimes against the people of this country that are tatamount to TREASON and BRIBERY and that's more than enough reason for dismissal.

If you feel in your heart that a Senator or a Representative in your estimation has gone against the Constitution of this country and isn't working on behalf of the people, then reward those scoundrels on election day with a one-way ticket out of D.C.

Our beloved country is, at present, comparable to Humpty-Dumpty and I'm sure you know how that nursery rhyme goes. No one can put him back to together again. Maybe so, but if we perform our own style of term limits with the vote, it would certainly be a start in the right direction to making this country whole. It is totally up to us as there has been no sincere attempts by our Congress to repair the economy, they just send us further and further down while letting the masterminds behind it off the hook, Why?, because the masterminds are their cronies and they know better not to bite the hand that feeds you.

We are proud to be Americans and we are sure that most of you do to, but we will be much prouder when the masses speak on election day and give Congress it's just desserts for a miserable performance.

Remember, if they are over the limit, it's time for them to go home for good.

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Ronni Mandell
George Mandell

We are dedicated to informing voters of how we can make Congress more honest, attentive, efficient and more in touch with the majority rather than the few and the powerful. Then and only then, can we ever make any progress in getting our economy back on track and eliminate pork barrel projects and earmarks, excessive spending which is sending us trillions more into debt while they entrench themselves in their office without any intentions of leaving their powerful and influential positions, as they know they've got it made and while they do, they abuse the citizens of this country by ignoring them and passing legislation for big business and special interests to pay them back for donations, gifts, trips and other perks.

It seems that most of those that get elected are captivated by the smell of crisp, large denomination bills or lavish gifts, which is actually considered bribes but they've adjusted the Constitution so many times that it will never be what it once was and intended to be.

You see, the modern day polltician adjusts everything in Washington so it appears they are doing something for the betterment of the country and everything seems legitimate, even if it isn't.

It's our obligation as voters to impose the term limits by way of the Vote in November, as Congress and other sectors of government haven't responded to petitions or letters. Let's achieve this the easy way in order to have a smoother functioning government, who's primary purpose will be serving "We the People."

We do hope that the candidates will put on some fresh lipstick, perhaps powder their noses and then maybe, just maybe they will supply us with some details as to what exactly their stances are on all the important issues and what they are going to do about it.

They all should also abandon the amnesty campaign for illegals and support the border fence rather than insisting that we all learn "Spanish". English has to and must be voted into law as being the National language for all Americans.

I would like to know, how many times have you written, emailed or faxed a congress member and you didn't even receive a response from them or an aide, not even any acknowledgement, but several months later, you will receive a newsletter asking you for a contribution. I would almost guarantee that if a CEO or influential high-powered faxed, emailed or telephoned them, they would get on the phones themselves or make damn sure their aide got in touch with them right away. Why you say?, They just can't be left out with the perks and those hefty contributions to their war chests. Do you feel second class. You should, they treat all of us the same unless it's something they can get good PR for it in return.

God Bless All of You True Americans who are willing to make a stand, just as our troops have been doing to protect our nation from foreign enemies and those of us that are trying to protect ourselves from our own government that only strive to continue their long and influentaial careers rather than pursue the best for the people.

Please remember: Term Limit Voting for those who have exceeded their welcome in Washington.

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