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The New Book, They Imagine a Vain Thing: Influences Rogue Politics Could Utilize For Global Domination,Offers Answers to Strange Weather Patterns

Geopolitical interference by rogue governmental idealists may be the cause of shifting weather patterns on a global scale as the tsunami of 2004 has caused the ordinary citizen to take notice.

    New Book: They Imagine A Vain Thing: Influences Rogue Politics Could Utilize For Global Domination.


/24-7PressRelease/ - Detroit, MI, June 26, 2005 -- New and adverse weather patterns could be attributed to geopolitical interference.
In the wake of the deadly tsunami of 2004, melting icecaps, tundra, and a premature hurricane season, questions, confusion and some soul searching have arisen among planet earth's inhabitants. Remarks about these events have ranged from, "Where is God," to "Are these phenomena triggered by human folly?"

Now in a new book written by A. B. Thornhill called, "They Imagine A Vain Thing: Influences Rogue Politics Could Utilize for Global Domination," answers are considered at a time when many people ponder the possibility of man-made catastrophes or apocalyptic events taking place in their lifetimes. The author analyzes out of control politics' past, present and future, agendas that injure the environment by implementing technological, scientific and social influence, while providing a snapshot of an ultimate solution to curtail such demoniacal enterprises and events.

"This book is not intended to incite fear or contempt among its readers but to stir scientific, social, political and self-awareness into a vigil society so that events such as tyranny, enslavement and destruction on a global scale by negative forces can be recognized and rendered unsuccessful," said the author.

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