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Exciting new novel set in the ancient Roman Republic - adventure, fights, thrills, romance and plenty of action (for 18+ audiences)

First novel in a series titled "Barbarians in the Republic" is now available as an ebook!(ebooks on and This is not a dry history book but an exciting, adventurous work of fiction that will be certain to enthrall readers throughout its 400+ pg length.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - July 03, 2005 - Set in ancient Republican Rome, around 120 B.C., the novel's story is centered around an exotic, sensual, barbarian princess who is forced to marry a proud Republican knight over her lover from childhood, to please the political ambitions of her father.

The first novel deals with beginnings or the tracing of her long journey to Rome, accompanied by her lover as well as her new Roman husband.

It is a strange relationship and the novel is filled with the adventures, perils and the strong emotional conflicts that arise during the princess's journey to Rome, escorted by a troop of Roman soldiers who are there for her protection, even against her jealous husband.

This novel promises to transport you back in time and experience a life style that may have seemed shocking to most, even to the Romans of those times, as the barbarians were free spirited and did not have the rigid moral codes of the Republican society of the times.

This novel, because of the adult themes and sometimes graphic descriptions of sexuality, is intended only for mature audiences, 18+.

Throughout the novel, there is plenty of action, from intense, violent confrontations to unbelievable feats of strength performed by the princess's lover, a mysterious giant youth with a past that will shake the foundations of Roman society when it is fully revealed.

Download the preview today by creating an account with (it's free and easy, as all you need is an e-mail account). Or, you can download sample chapters and buy from in various PDA formats.

In, once you log in, set your content level access to "Mature" and you can go directly to my novel to download nearly 100+ pages included in my free preview (Prologue plus the first two chapters). This will enable to decide whether you want to read the rest of the novel. I am certain that you will be hooked by the time you finish reading the Prologue.

The Prologue is very exciting and filled with action, as a mere boy fights with a group of warriors like a tiger, with the strength of many men, which puzzles their leader to no end. There are many mysteries which are hinted at during the narration of the Prologue, which become clearer much later, as the story develops its full course.

The entire story is an epic of sorts and I have broken this into three novels, to make it more accessible to the public and sustain their interest in my work of fiction.

A publisher has already accepted to publish the entire series and we are in the process of finalizing a print schedule shortly.

Please visit my site, which has more information on the print release dates and bookmark this as I will publish dates as soon as I know it.

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The Author, Skarr One, has made available this novel as an ebook on and, prior to its formal print release by a publisher.

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