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What If Your Child Was Dying And No One Cared Except A Band Of Homeless Beach Bums.

\"Sunset Tomorrow\" is a novel but it poses a difficult real life question about how we measure a person\'s worth, whether as an individual or as a member of society.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - August 09, 2005 - Sunset Tomorrowand is an adventure, an odyssey that tests of courage and determination of its characters. Jude and his friends have until sunset tomorrow to complete their quest, and if they succeed, their lives will be changed forever.

However, this book also makes the argument that being poor is not a crime and that it should not be a cultural stigma. Is the ragged young man sleeping on the beach, less important than the stock broker who jogs past him wearing two-hundred-dollar running shoes? Maybe. But to judge the homeless man by his poverty is an injustice, and to judge the stockbroker by his wealth is a mistake. Although this novel takes on important social issues, it does so with humor, compassion. There will be no request for donations during the intermission.

Homelessness and poverty are not abstractions to the author, Ervin Tibbs. He was born while his parents, who worked as migrant farm workers, were camped under a fig tree in central California. He is keenly aware of the chasm that exists between the poor and the middle class. It is a divide he has had to cross. That too was an adventure.

Maralys Wills, author of "Higher Than Eagles" has this to say about "Sunset Tomorrow." "Ervin Tibbs has created a world that is both marginal and magical. His characters are content with their bare-subsistence lives--sleeping on the beach, dumpster diving, and sharing rations of cheap wine--until a small child comes along who seems to have less then they do. Tibbs infuses his tale with radiating warmth, compassion, and bright flashes of humor. This is a story not soon forgotten."

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