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The Devil Witch - The one book our kids will be reading this year.

In my new book, when young Sam Taylor plans to steal his teacher's walking stick, he unwillingly finds himself in a fantastic new world of gnomes, trolls, Kings, ghostly Knights, and of course the infamous Devil-Witch.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - Anaheim, CA - September 18, 2005 - When the flavor of Tom Sawyer and the fantasy of The Wizard of Oz come together it ends up telling the story a boy and a cantankerous old school teacher with a magical walking stick in a wonderful new book entitled The Devil Witch. This fantasy-adventure stimulates the imagination of any child reader and their parents as the Devil Witch seeks to regain control of her Staff of Enchantment in the Kingdom of Imm.

The Kingdom of Imm is the brain-child of writer B. R. Snyder. It is where reality ends and fantasy begins in the imagination. The Devil Witch is the first in a chronicle of tales from the Kingdom of Imm. It is setting the stage for more unbelievable yarns from this magical land. Each story has a message to tell and a lesson to be learned. All the tales, legends and folk lore within this mythical land make fun reading and enjoyable bedtime stories for the whole family. B. R. Snyder is a gifted storyteller with a simple, yet colorful and dramatic style of narrating an entertaining fable.

In the Devil Witch, Sam Taylor is a young adventurous boy who lives and plays along the mighty Mississippi River at the turn of the century. However his life turns horribly amiss when he runs up against the town's school teacher, Miss Crabtree. In a plot for revenge, Sam attempts to strip Miss Crabtree of her infamous walking stick. The story takes a tragic turn and Sam is thrown into a world of Imagination and Mischievous Magic (hence the term, Imm) where he must overcome many challenges and return the magical walking stick to its rightful owner.

Colorful characters and an impressive storyline add to the wonder and fantasy of this unforgettable and entertaining tale. It is one of the books that kids of all ages will be talking about for a long time. The Devil Witch is currently available online at and Look for it coming to a bookstore near you. More information about this and the other books available from this author can be found at his website,

Byron Snyder, Author and Publisher. Copyright 2005 Byron Snyder
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