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A first course in phone systems by Voice123

Voice123 is currently the most important source of voices for phone system technologies, including voicemail, interactive voice response, and on hold messaging.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - NEW YORK, NY, September 24, 2005 - The telecommunications industry has experienced many important and revolutionary developments in recent years and it's sometimes hard to keep up to date with these never ending innovations. Almost no time at all has passed after we learn about a new technology when its improved version is being launched. In the middle of thousands of new technologies, products, and services that we find everyday, it's not easy to be an expert in SIM cards, podcasting, VoIP, bluetooth, WiFi, and such. However, there is a loyal friend that will hardly disappear because it is now inherent to us: the phone.

We can live without many of the recent technological gadgets, but it's hard to live without a phone or run your business without one. Just imagine what your day would be like without your cell phone. To many, it doesn't matter if their cell phone doesn't play MP3s or take pictures as long as it makes and receives calls. Moreover, phones are a primary alternative to avoid going to the bank, the store, or online. In consequence, the phone will remain as one of the easiest and most reliable technologies to be used in telecommunications.

Companies have a big challenge to offer outstanding phone services, such as sales, information, and customer service in order to take advantage of its wide usage and stand out from competitors. In this process of providing a superior service, companies rely heavily on technology to maximize resources, which include human and physical resources. As a result, users end up distinguishing two types of phone service agents: humans and machines.

You've probably heard the famous phrase "People don't want to talk to machines, they want to talk to other people." Well, it would be more accurate to say "Some people prefer not to talk to machines, they prefer to talk to other people". The truth is that there are a lot of people who prefer not to talk to agents, they prefer to talk to automated systems. This is because users can interact with automated systems at their own pace and because sometimes the wait time to talk to agents is annoying. The best solution for this is to give customers both options, so they can choose, and with exceptional service.

If you or your company is considering or currently offers some type of phone service, make sure you have the automated system option. The technology is out there and the benefits are huge. It will help you reduce costs and improve service. Your phone service can be intelligent enough to competently interact with your customers. To help you figure out this better, here is a brief summary of the technologies that you can have:

Answering machines: answering machines automatically answer phone calls and recorded voice prompts giving users instructions on how to leave voice messages. They generally have a default recorded greeting, some allow the owner to create their own phone greetings, but the ultimate option is to have a customized professionally recorded greeting.

Voice mail systems: more complex than an answering machine, voicemail systems are a one-way communication technology that manages the telephone messages of a large group of people. Telephone messages can be received, saved, erased, or forwarded independently for each individual. Recorded voices help the callers browse through the voicemail system menu. Customized voice prompts and phone greetings are very common in this technology.

IVR (Interactive voice response): an interactive voice response system is similar to a voice mail system, but it is not limited to manage telephone messages. IVR systems require a touch-tone phone to interact with a voice menu and retrieve from or enter information to a database. A very important advantage is that up to date information is instantly provided to users. Examples of IVR systems include banking transactions, cell phone customer service, and airline ticket booking.

On hold messaging: it refers to what a caller hears when placed on hold during a phone call. Its main objective is to avoid the caller hanging up, which usually happens if the caller is listening to dead air. It is commonly used in features like call waiting or call forwarding. The on hold message could be playing music, a radio station, or just a message thanking the caller for waiting on the line.

On hold marketing or on hold advertising: on hold marketing is a specific type of on hold messaging. Callers that spend time listening to on hold messages, are a very specific audience that companies can target on the spot. On hold marketing takes advantage of this time and attention to advertise products or services, promote special offers, or communicate company news. This can reduce call abandonment and improve corporate image.

Most of these telephony technologies are widely used in corporations and businesses. These companies sometimes use systems with computerized voices which sound really poor. Technology enhancements have helped to improve phone messaging designs and create more helpful phone systems. Currently, real voices are used to create the prompts of these systems. Complete sentences, single words, or even fragments of them are recorded and then put together before being played. The result is a smooth interaction with the callers who, in turn, decide how to interact with the system.

One of the most important factors you should keep in mind when setting up your phone system to be ahead of your competitors, is to have a custom system, this means, designed for your company with professionally recorded messages. You don't need to buy a system with factory-made recorded messages when you can have a custom system.

Whether you are a company in search of a phone system or a phone system solutions company, you now have a company that helps you get the best voices to record your custom phone system prompts. Voice123 ( is the world's largest online voice over marketplace where you will be able to find thousands of professional voice over talents who will provide you with qualified voices for any type of phone system.

With a simple and fast search process, listen to voice demos online and choose the right voice or voices for your project. No matter the type of image you want to portray, at Voice123 you will find warm, friendly, smooth, energetic, deep, teen, corporate, or any kind of voice you want. Furthermore, with Voice123 you will not only find voice overs for phone system projects. Their website also includes voices for any type of voice over recording, ranging from radio and television commercials, to movie trailers, corporate presentations, cartoon characters, audio tours, amongst others. What's more, you will find voice talents of almost every foreign language and in thousands of locations around the world.

To really succeed, don't think about just having a custom phone system. Think about having your own, unique phone system with the voice that will make you different from your competitors. Remember, it's not just what you want to say, it's also how you say it.

About Voice123 is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over job postings, Voice123 helps voice actors to promote their voice over services, and companies to find the right voice over actors for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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