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On Location - Off Grid? - A Compact and Robust Power Inverter Makes You Mobile and More Independent

A DC/AC power inverter allows you to be more mobile than ever. You can use all the power appliances you have already bought and take them wherever you want. Install an off-grid power system with a power inverter in your boat, caravan, truck or for industrial use?

    WOLFHAUSEN, SWITZERLAND, January 28, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Battery technology doubles the capacity and performance every year and therefore there has been much focus on off-grid power systems lately. An off-grid power system is a facility that provides energy for the general power applications, the energy of the same quality as known from the public grid system.

Lithium ion batteries compared to lead batteries are now less than half in size and the weight is reduces by more than to thirds. This makes a new compact series of sine wave inverters very relevant. These off-grid power systems can be used with great benefits in the automotive, marine and industrial industries.

New battery technologies with a much higher quality such as lithium ion and lithium titanium has made it possible for new off-grid power systems to be acquired for viable solutions. A DC/AC power inverter is the heart of such a system. A power inverter converts DC energy for genuine AC energy. The systems can also be included in a single Combi (Power inverter/charger) unit. The dual function allows the batteries to be charged with energy from an intelligent multi charger Party and then reshape its wave inverter Party. This also provides the opportunity to exploit the built-in features as UPS (uninterruptible power system) and backup power.

Today it's common for diesel or petrol engines in ships and in yachts to be replaced by electric motors, which provides a range of benefits like reliability and efficiency. In addition to marine use the automotive and industrial segment is ideal for an integration of power systems for both professional as well as for recreational use.

A BMS (battery management system) together with a lithium battery pack provides a true release of force. The composition of battery cells can be assembled to meet what ever need you have. An off-grid power system can also be connected to alternative energy sources such as fuel cells, wind-turbines, photovoltaic or other alternatives and so the solution is completely independent.

Clayton Power develops and manufactures Sine Wave Inverters, Combi (Power inverters/chargers) and BMS (battery management systems) in collaboration with the world's leading manufacturers of lithium batteries and have a great know-how in the latest technologies including off-grid power systems. Series of DC/AC power inverters from Clayton Power is distinguished by being the most compact and robust in their class.

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About Clayton Power

Clayton Power is a Danish company founded in the late 1990s. The company is known for creating modern power solutions for industrial and leisure-based use of mobile power, UPS (uninterruptible power system) and backup power systems. Clayton Power has a range of robust and very compact line-card cover power products to include DC/AC power technology, such as true or pure Sine Wave Inverters, Combi (Power inverters/chargers) and battery management for Lithium Battery Technology Systems.

Clayton Power has a great know-how in the industrial and mobile power technology and develops and manufactures a range of OEM power products for both small and large businesses and organizations. Companies that often want an integrated part of modern power solutions and the development of complete power systems.

Clayton Power is located in Slovakia, Denmark and Switzerland and provides research and development, production, marketing and sales to all markets worldwide.

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