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A Weblog Can Be a Goldmine! (1)

People can change weblogs, these free and simple internet resources, to money making machines. There are only a few easy steps to start making money through weblogs.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - September 28, 2005 -Possibly you have already heard the name WEBLOG or BLOG but most of you don't know what exactly it is. Weblogs are free and simple tools to help people to publish their ideas, articles, poems, comments and... on internet. As it is not possible for everybody to register a domain, buy hosting space and then make a real website, weblogs help people to have a website in a few minutes.

To have a professional and attractive weblog, you don't need to be a web designer or programmer and also you don't need to have any special software or skill. You can easily sign up for a weblog, choose your ID and password, enter your email address and some primary personal information, choose a template for your weblog and then add entries, upload photos and... . A good weblog hosting service makes having a good, attractive and professional weblog as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign up for a free weblog at now to see how easy it is.

What we want to talk about it in this article, is the way some smart people use to change this easy and free tool (weblog) to a money making machine. Internet is like a big ocean with a lot of competition. Companies which their income is dependent on internet spend a lot of time and money to survive but although there are a lot of opponents for big and strong fishes in a big ocean, there is always enough food for small fishes. To make money with a website, in addition to the time and money you have to spend for advertising, you need to know a lot of different things but making money with a weblog is as easy as signing up for it.

How it works?
You may know how search engines like Google work. They have some special software called spider. This spider finds websites, web pages and also weblogs through the links, crawls them and extracts the information and then index the information to the search engine database. Then search engine users can find websites related to the search terms they use. Having a website listed in search engines with high ranking and so receiving traffic is not easy but fortunately it is very easy for weblogs. The reason is search engines are very picky for listing websites and especially new websites but as weblogs are parts of good and popular websites which already are indexed by search engines, they can easily be indexed and ranked as the parts of that website. You can easily use this feature and receive a lot of free traffic from search engines.

How to start making money through a weblog?
1- Sign up for a weblog:
You can sign up for a weblog at SirLook offers free weblog hosting service with a lot of free and useful features and tools. When you sign up and choose your ID, you will have a weblog with as the URL address. For example, if you choose "smith" as your ID, your weblog URL will be You can sign up for as many as weblogs that you like. There is no limitation.

2- Once you have created your Blog, you need to post content to it. You can search for content on the web and just cut and paste it into the articles you post on your weblog. You can easily find thousands of articles about any subject that your weblog is related to and then post them on your weblog. They are all free and article writers will even appreciate if you post their articles on your weblog. The Blog Search Engines rate you higher based on how many articles you have, and how often you update your Blog.

You can have different weblogs for different subjects. For example a weblog for weight loss, a weblog for used cars, a weblog for nutritional supplements and... but keep in your mind that on each weblog, you should only post the related article. For example, do not post an article about weight loss on a weblog which work at home jobs articles were used to be posted on it.

3- You need to join some free affiliate programs which pay you commissions when you make sales. There are a lot of free affiliate programs you can easily join. When you join them, they give you an AFFILIATE LINK which you can use it to refer customers and make commissions.
One of the easy but awesome ways which can make thousands of dollars for you for free is Google Adsense. Google Adsense allows you to easily place ads directly on your weblog for which you will earn money for every click. Adsense is better than any other banner program because you are paid per click, not per sale, and Google will send you a check every month. Google displays the ads on your weblog according to its theme and keywords you have on it. For example, if you post articles related to weight loss on your weblog, Google displays weight loss ads on it. Each time that a visitor clicks on the ads, you earn commission. Sign up for Google Adsense at It is free.

Here below visit a few weblogs which Google Adsense is posted on them and their users make money through it (find Ads by Goooooogle on the below weblogs):

4- Submit your weblogs to weblog directories and search engines. Now after you have created your weblogs and have posted some content to them, you will want to list your Blog on all the Blog Search Engines and RSS Search Engines. By creating a Blog at SirLook, you will also be able to syndicate it as an RSS feed. The only thing you really need to understand about an RSS feed is that it is another way people read your Blog. Each time you post an article (content), the people receiving your feed will automatically get your new article. Your RSS feed is simply followed by your ID. For example, if your ID is "Seo", your weblog RSS feed will be

Some places to submit your Blog:

Some RSS directories to submit your Blog (don't forget to submit your RSS feed, i.e.

Of course, you can always do a search on for "blog search engines" or "rss search engines" to come up with hundreds more.

5- Now up to this point, none of this has cost you a penny. All the things you need to do now is keeping your weblog fresh and updated with new posts everyday and then sit back and receive your checks.

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