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With 'Steerway Globular', New Global Consciousness On The Social Perspective Of Human Experience And Its Destiny. BKSENLITE.BIZ Introduces 'Steerway Globular'

Published with the service of Lulu Enterprises Inc. ('') - the world's fastest growing provider of print-on-demand self-publishing - 'Steerway Globular' is the title of a new book by Femi Agbaje, the author of "Reality Or Mirage".

    /24-7PressRelease/ - PHILADELPHIA, PA, October 01, 2005 - The new book at '' is about the basic goals that naturally drive the human experience. And about that related are, in the social-preference sense of together what expect to attain, plus that one become in the social interactions human principle uniformly required to globally attain it.

In a very realistic, unflattering manner, the author attempts to focus attention on widely encompassing, serious living experience issues, and appears to aim the book at bringing the nations of the world together to responsibly act - locally and globally - on the problems associated with those issues. Issues which he refers to as consistently mal-addressed, whereas as compound and inter-vary so do the historical global reality costs.

With a book industry steady shimmer prodigious of some antidotal mass of substantive text ready to dazzle the world of human societies with life-securing tidbits, the book may be referred to as the global environment awareness book of the moment. For, loaded with alluring-type contents as such - with materials social awareness arousing, as also materials philosophical awareness benefiting - it is one book that clearly and unmistakably reasserts the value of good reading. Thus, the probability very high is, that it could help attract people from different viewpoints and primary interests, and make easy their coming together for mutually positive communications.

But more than that, for the book's view on, and its vision of, physical environment transformation
and social change; its analyses of, and its major concern about what long-going as the human experience; is, hand-in-hand, as regards human populations and the living environment. In operating procedures, the widely conspicuous as goal-conflicting, how germane in organized human-society terms of a global environment conducive to life experiences meaningful? How congenial outcome, with human nature?

Thus, in relevantly speaking to present-day societies' organized processes; to their pattern of interactions with one another; and to consequences in general on life experience, its realism must strike many as undeniably forthright - as all challenging in a very positive way. The social facts which attest to its viewpoints, and which strongly support maintaining world stability, would also hit many as very optimistic and reassuring.

For, there's a clarity of perception to its claimed urgent need for rationality; and in its demand that nations focus on population unity; and all, on the acknowledging of a common responsibility for global future. Thus, as concerns universal social humanity issues, and as connects the global community, perceiving unity mainly in the context of the dictates of reason - about natural rights, and about what rational as human conduct in compliance; and saying that priority first and foremost focus is that a 'fairness' inclination in desirable experience is a standard social reality everywhere. That it be observable in such a majority as could be considered society-stabilizing a population percentage. That - for established human rationality - mind-orientation incontrovertible is.

This book compels an insight into long-going human society psyche, and for the governing of any given human population recommends a model centerpiece that is in accord with "The Concept Of The Social Essence Reality Of Life And Of Living and The Social Power Of Positive Ideas". Not of coincidence that that 'socio-philosophical' concept, was developed by the author. More information is available at '' and at ''.

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