All Press Releases for March 18, 2009

Snitch Tells on Nation's Troubled Urban Schools

Author of new book, Snitch, anonymously reveals latest problems plaguing urban schools. Problems are now starting at lower levels. Obama's new policies should target them to reduce high school dropout rates.

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 18, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Problems in one urban middle school were so severe the counselor had to reveal them anonymously in a new book Snitch. He wrote under a pen name - Jacob Turner - to protect himself and the children involved. "It was so important to us to get this book in to print, whether the author wanted to remain anonymous or not," said Authentic Publishing LLC Executive Director Julius A. Williams III. "It had to come at this time of change in the nation's leadership, when the country would return its focus to the problems plaguing urban schools."

The book chronicles a substitute counselor's experiences at an unnamed public middle school. Many of them involve misconduct by teachers, staff, and parents - a new twist in the story of our nation's troubled urban education system.

"People are begging for something to be done and asking for change from the people who are able to do something about it," explains Williams, who himself has a background in teaching and social work. "The problem is that the people trying to solve the problem do not know what needs to be solved - they do not know what is happening everyday in these schools."

Turner exposes these problems. A trickle-down has occurred. Problems once thought to exist primarily at the high school level have reached lower levels. The country's new leader, Barack Obama, has expressed interest in lowering the nation's high school dropout rates, estimated to exceed one million per year. Turner's experiences suggest that fixing this problem may involve attacking where it begins - at lower levels of education.

Williams believes Turner's decision to write anonymously will benefit the entire country. Identifying a city might have left many educators feeling relieved their schools were not mentioned, when schools across the country experience these problems.

Jacob Turner has a Master of Science in Education. Snitch can be purchased at for $19.95.

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