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Eating Disorder Clinical Experiential Training Program

New Realities of Southern California is offering an intensive clinical experiential training program in the treatment of eating disorders

    LA JOLLA, CA, March 28, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For all healthcare professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and/or get certified in the treatment of eating disorders.

Eating disorders are very complex disorders. Over the years, we have often heard from our colleagues that they feel ill-prepared for dealing with this client group and/or their families. At New Realities, we have successfully treated individuals with eating disorders and their families. We are now offering the opportunity to other healthcare professionals to become prepared to work with this client group.

The training is open to anyone who is interested in learning the theory and skills. The training program is a certification program that is suitable for Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Physicians, Counsellors, Social Workers, Addiction Counsellors, Nurses, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals.

Clinical Training: Part-time program consisting of 6 parts. We will also be offering Part One as a stand alone introduction course.


Participants will:

• Develop assessment skills with eating disordered clients
• Develop skills in experiential treatment techniques
• Increase knowledge of the complexities of the underlying issues of eating disorders
• Receive supervision and support of client work in a clinical setting
• Develop skills for working with other professionals
• Develop advanced experiential treatments techniques
• Learn about common co-morbidities
• Develop skills for working with families
• Become more aware of ethical considerations.

Why Experiential Therapies and Eating Disorders
Experiential therapies include psychodrama, art therapy, dance and movement therapy, music therapy and guided imagery. These therapies access right brain function and then the left brain makes conscious sense out of the material that emerges. They allow eating disordered clients an understanding of their inner psychic world and enable them to express their emotions through a nonverbal medium.

Why Adlerian Psychology and Eating Disorders
Adlerian psychology looks at the person as a whole and the whole person including social functioning, work/school, familial functioning, self esteem and spirituality. Adlerian treatment focuses on healing the underlying issues behind the eating disorder and the purpose it seems to serve. The theory is teleological or goal-directed because Adler believed that people are constantly striving to meet some real or fictional goal in life. With an eating disordered client, some of the perceptions can be mistaken and therefore, lead to self-destructive behaviours. Adlerian treatment techniques can redirect the client to a realization and reframing of these mistaken goals.

Start Date for the next program:
Part one will be May 4, 5, & 6th 2009
*The dates for parts 2-6 will be determined by group consensus

For more information as well as to sign up please contact Orit Morse at 1 888 317 9002 Ext 2.

New Realities of Southern California is an outpatient treatment facility for eating disorders in La Jolla CA. For more information please contact us at 1 888 317 9002 or visit our website at

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