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Streamline Automation Introduces FROGCoat Coatings, Advanced Polyurea and Polyurethane Coatings for Artistic Applications

Streamline Automation's FROGCoat Coatings are the newest addition to the FROG3D line of foam cutting equipment. Used for artistic applications that have foam as their foundation, FROGCoat provides a durable and beautiful finish for any project.

    CALGARY, AB, April 08, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Streamline Automation today introduced FROGCoat Coatings, a new line of advanced coatings and related materials for sculptural, architectural and mold making applications. With the addition of coatings to their offering of foam cutting equipment, Streamline can now provide their clients with a turnkey production solution that improves process efficiencies and end product quality.

For those who work with foam, whether it's for themed environments, props, architectural foam or concrete molds, the hard coating process is absolutely critical for the quality and durability of the end product. FROGCoat Coatings are a proven means of coating foam products with a durable finish that can hold up in both internal and external environments, regardless of the conditions. As Streamline Automation's President Dwayne Lehman explained, "these are specialized coatings for specialized applications. They are ideal materials for the kind of artistic applications our clients specialize in, so they don't have to work with coatings or suppliers not suited to their lines of work."

FROGCoat Coatings are backed by a team with extensive experience both with the coatings themselves and in related production environments. "With the in-house expertise Streamline has, we can support our coatings with comprehensive training programs and detailed technical support tailored to artistic applications," Lehman explains. "Our clients get everything they need to take their projects from start to finish." The addition of FROGCoat Coatings to the FROG3D line of foam cutting and carving equipment means that clients can now source all of their needs from one supplier. Each FROG3D component has been designed and tested together, so clients get an integrated solution and avoid the hassles associated with managing multiple suppliers.

The FROGCoat Coatings line-up includes:

FROGCoat 100 Series Spray Coatings - FROGCoat 100 Series Spray Coatings include coatings and primers that are applied to foam pieces to create a durable and impact-resistant shell in both smooth and textured finishes.

FROGCoat 200 Series In-Mold Coatings - FROGCoat 200 Series In-Mold Coatings include coatings and primers that are applied directly into molds and used to replicate rock, coral, tree bark, skins and a range of other surfaces. De-molded parts exhibit great detail and realism and are ready for painting and finishing.

FROGCoat 300 Series Mold Making Materials - FROGCoat 300 Series Mold Making Materials provide the flexible coatings needed to create durable, detailed molds for concrete, plaster, fiberglass and a range of other materials. Combined with Streamline's QuickMold process for creating molds, these coatings can boost efficiency and creativity of mold making processes.

For further information about FROGCoat Coatings or the FROG3D system visit or call Streamline Automation toll-free at (877)358-0555.

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