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An American Company Develops a New Trend in Medical Tourism

Looking for savings but unwilling to sacrifice quality American patients shift toward a new medical travel destination- Poland.

    LANCASTER, PA, April 29, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- American consumers are demanding. They are used to the highest quality of goods and services, the most imaginative commercials offering mind-blowing products, to excellent customer service, and generally to instant gratification. At the same time, in light of the declining economy and financial struggles, millions of them have been forced to limit their spending on a number of items or put it completely on hold. To many this meant putting their dreams or even their medical needs on hold as well, others started looking for options elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are happily discovering that they are able to afford health treatments if they travel abroad where cost for medical procedures is only a fraction of American prices. More specifically, a price tag for a surgery outside the United States is on average three thousand dollars lower for a plastic surgery and even as much as ten thousand dollars lower for surgeries like hip replacement or gastric bypass. Not surprisingly, reports that over 750,000 American patients chose to travel abroad for medical treatments last year and this number is expected to increase threefold to over 2 million by 2010.

Still, many potential patients remain skeptical and they rightfully demand more answers. While overseas would I be able to communicate in English? Can I expect the same standards and quality I got accustomed to at home? Is it even safe to travel to an Asian or South American country for medical procedures? The concern is understandable given the fact that countries like India, Thailand, or Costa Rica are some of the most popular medical travel destinations. This, however, has been recently changing. Research shows that Europe is currently the only continent where medical guidelines, quality, and safety meet or exceed North American standards and medical travel industry is noticing a substantial shift in that direction.

The number of Americans choosing European countries like Poland over other plastic surgery abroad destinations has been growing exponentially allowing them to take advantage of not only substantial savings but also safe, world-class health care at the same time. An access to the newest European medical technology and techniques, highly educated nursing staff speaking a few languages including perfect English, and outstanding, internationally known physicians associated with top US programs and hospitals are among reasons why American patients increasingly choose Polish clinics for their medical treatments. Additionally, Poland offers an easy and quick access to major European cities and most Americans typically prefer to spend a few days before the surgery in France, England, or Italy rather than in any third-world country.

Kari Group LLC specializes in providing access to plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments in Poland and according to company executives, their clients are not only looking for savings but, more importantly, for security and peace of mind. Americans appreciate the comfort of knowing that they will be cared for by an excellent English-speaking European surgeon in one of the best medical facilities in the world and that the treatment they will receive will not only be affordable but at the same time as good and safe as at home.

Probably one of the most frequent and important questions is: if healthcare in Poland is so good, why is it so much cheaper than in the United States? This question is best answered by another question: Why is US healthcare so expensive? High facilities costs, unpaid hospital bills totaling billions of dollars, high-priced medical education, costly research, and excessive malpractice litigation all add up to exorbitant prices for healthcare in the United States. In addition, American physicians who perform elective and specialty procedures, such as cosmetic surgeries, command very high fees from patients willing and able to pay, leaving those of more modest means unserved and seeking alternatives. Healthcare in Poland is also less costly because standards of living are more modest, doctors and staff command lower wages, government-subsidized healthcare keeps private healthcare costs down, and malpractice attorneys are considerably more restrained. The most important reason, however, deals with economy and currency. Poland is not yet using the European currency, but rather keeping their own currency. This makes medical services in Poland even more affordable for an American patient. This will change when Poland adopts Euro, now is therefore, the best time to take advantage of substantial savings.

American consumers are demanding, and they should be, especially when it comes to something as important as their health.

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