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Fitness Centre Owner Releases Closely Guarded Fat Loss Secrets

Carolyn Hansen, a fitness centre owner and a national bodybuilding champion, has recently released a brand new fat loss program that will help those who wish to lose weight achieve their desired results.

    WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND, May 02, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ( - Carolyn Hansen, a fitness centre owner and a national bodybuilding champion, has recently released a brand new fat loss program that will help those who wish to lose weight achieve their desired results. She is heavily involved in the health and fitness industry, and has intimate knowledge of the problems that most people face.

For example, many people think that to lose weight, they have to do two things. Firstly, they are supposed to go on a diet. Secondly, they must embark on some kind of exercise program that involves mostly cardiovascular related exercises such as jogging of cycling.

Unfortunately, both do not work. Dieting does not work because the human body needs to be conditioned to burn fat faster. To achieve that, signals need to be sent consistently to the body, letting it know that it is alright to burn fat. In other words, an individual trying to burn fat and lose weight should prevent the body from going into starvation. And that is exactly what happens when someone goes on a diet.

When the body is starved, it tends to store fat instead of burn fat. This is due to the simple fact that the body is genetically coded to go into survival mode when it goes hungry. To survive, it needs to store energy (in the form of fat), so that the body has a constant stream of energy even when there is less food consumption. That is why dieting is backfiring.

Carolyn helps clients to understand this simple fact on a daily basis. She recommends that anyone who wants to lose weight should keep to a diet that consists of smaller meals. Each meal should contain between 200 to 300 calories, and a meal should be consumed once every two to three hours. On a daily basis, it is far better to take four to five small meals a day, then to take three big meals. The goal is to avoid letting the body starve. The end result is that the metabolic rate of the body increases, and fat burning takes place naturally.

Recently, she put together all her knowledge into a program that is packed with her most valuable fat loss secrets. The program is known as "Fat Loss For Keeps".

Unlike other fat burning programs, this is a comprehensive program that helps clients discover all the secrets to losing fat quickly. The information includes:

* How to create an eating plan that suits any lifestyle
* How to create delicious home-made meals quickly.
* How to "eyeball" and assess food portions with uncanny accuracy.
* How to lose weight and not go hungry.
* And more!

This dieting program is for anyone who had tried dieting and realized that dieting does not work. A complete dieting program can be developed based on the information in this guide.

As a fitness expert, Carolyn firmly believes in losing weight naturally. The guide offers valuable advice on what foods to eat, but does not involve counting calories or fat grams. The steps are so simple and practical that even working mothers find it easy to implement the strategies.

To start burning fat effectively, one has to start by having a good understanding of how the body stores and burns fat. Therefore, Carolyn has included useful pieces of information in the guide that cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, a reader will discover the impact of ancestral genetics on dieting.

Such information helps the reader decide on the type of food to prepare and consume, as well as the type of food to avoid. It is also important to learn that it's not only the food portions that matter, the frequency of the meals matter too.

But it is all to easy to discuss dieting on paper. In reality, the reader needs practical advice, and that is what Carolyn possesses in abundance. Through her "Fat Loss For Keeps" guide, she hopes to be able to share what she had learned and experienced in the past 30 years with those who need help in burning fat and losing weight.

Every few weeks, she releases a new product, and "Fat Loss For Keeps" is one of her latest additions. She also does personal coaching, and sells other fitness related products.

Interested parties may get in touch with her via one of her websites.

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