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Access Technology Solutions Launches New Dedicated, Low-Cost Shipping Lane to and from China

New shipping option for direct-to-consumer brands significantly decreases cost and delivery time.

    PROVO, UT, January 09, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Access Technology Solution's (ATS) high-touch, low-cost shipping and logistics services are now available to U.S. direct-to-consumer brands interested in boosting trade with China. ATS' China lane now joins its Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Taiwan lanes as fast-growing Asia/Pacific Rim shipping channels for express and freight shipments for ATS' U.S. clients.

The dedicated Chinese lane will significantly speed the delivery of products to warehouses and/or residential destinations throughout China. Equally important, the costs to ship products from the U.S. to China will fall significantly compared to other domestic U.S. shippers, in some cases by 50% and more.

"Given the leading role that China increasingly plays in global trade, investing to make China a faster, more affordable shipping destination for our clients is a no brainer," explained Chris Boyle, ATS' CEO. "Too many U.S. brands continue to drastically overpay to have product shipped to and from China. We're excited that we can now bring about meaningful change and help grow international sales."

The boom in Chinese consumerism offers lucrative new global trade opportunities for both Chinese and U.S. firms. The United States is China's top trading partner with over $385 billion in trade in 2010, up almost 30%. Trade with the U.S. represents 20% of China's entire external trading volume. Total trade between China and the U.S. rose 25% year-to-year in 2010. US exports to China increased 32% to $92 billion in 2010 while imports from China rose 23% to $365 billion. Among the fastest-growing exports were apparel ($121 billion/up 21%), furniture ($50 billion/up 30%) and footwear ($35 billion/up 27%).

Japan, currently ATS' top shipping lane by volume, is China's second leading partner, at $298 billion, up just over 30%. Japan accounts for 19% of China's external trading volume. ATS moves significant intra-Asia order volume and the new China lane will increase that trade significantly in the coming years.

In a recent interview about ATS' latest proprietary shipping lane to and from Asia, ATS CEO Chris Boyle explained why ATS has focused strategically on creating new, faster and lower-cost shipping alternatives to fast-growing international markets. ATS' new China-direct logistics services are attracting significant business from U.S. brands that are expanding internationally, many for the first time. Companies that are new to international sales often initially turn to their domestic shipping partner when they first start fulfilling orders across borders. Boyle explained that this can often be a poor business decision that drives up costs and lowers service levels.

"Although the domestic shippers increasingly present themselves as global shippers, they typically just hand off packages to numerous other shipping firms and take a healthy margin for themselves. By doing so, they drive up costs and increase delivery times. On the other hand, ATS' network owns package transport and delivery from dock to doorstep, so we can bypass all the unnecessary middlemen and mark-ups. On top of that, our dedicated clearing process ensures a quick and easy passage through customs."

Boyle also explained that as trade between the U.S. and China booms in the years ahead, brands will need more than just reasonably priced and fast shipping.

"Gaining real traction in international markets means showing new international distributors and customers that they can trust your brand to deliver what it promises. Gaining this trust means not only offering timely and affordable shipping, but also providing accurate sales forecasting tools and inventory visibility 24/7 and having easy-to-use, sophisticated warehouse management systems in place," Boyle continued. "Our job is to help our clients earn this trust by ensuring that their international distributors will never run out of product."

Boyle also spoke to the importance of moving quickly today to build a global brand that international markets can depend on tomorrow. "We're focused on making sure that our clients get in early and start building trust today," added Boyle. "I spend a lot time in markets all around the world, especially around the Pacific Rim. The phenomenal growth we're seeing today is nothing compared to what we'll see soon," said Boyle. "In many ways, the world is just now waking up to a new era of global trade."

The prospects of future growth are indeed enticing. China's consumption today is about 1/3 of its overall GDP. On the other hand, the U.S. spends over 2/3rds of its GDP on consumption. By 2013, iResearch reports some 48 million small-and medium-sized companies in China will be exporting goods, up from around 33 million firms just three years ago.

Access Technology Solutions is a leading international commerce technology and logistics provider for retail and consumer brands, e-commerce and multichannel companies and direct selling firms.

ATS helps leading U.S. brands sell and ship products all over the world. ATS' international commerce platform and logistics solution offers companies a simple, low risk way to sell profitably into international markets at significantly lower costs. ATS has established itself as the leading facilitator of international expansion into Asia and the South Pacific for these direct-to-consumer brands.

ATS' international e-commerce platform converts U.S. prices into local currencies around the world, localizes the shopping experience, offers secure local payment systems and guarantees precise landed costs (e.g. all customs fees, taxes and shipping charges). ATS' dock-to-doorstep logistical service handles all outbound U.S. logistics (including pre-ship screening for restricted items and order item accuracy), bypasses customs-clearing bottlenecks and coordinates final-mile delivery for its clients. Brands can quickly integrate ATS' web services and secure, risk-free local payment options into existing websites, distributor portals, global commerce systems and call centers.

ATS has been included in the top 10 of the Utah Fast 50 program since 2007 and was named to the 2011 MountainWest Capital Network's Utah 100. ATS was also featured in the prestigious 2010 Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

To learn more about extending the reach of your online brand into China and throughout Asia/Pacific Rim and across Europe, contact Randall Decker ( at 877-811-8108.

Access Technology Solutions is the leading company providing technology solutions for international logistics for U.S. direct sales and eCommerce companies expanding overseas.


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