All Press Releases for May 27, 2009

As The Supreme Court Fails To Protect LGBT Rights- The Same Sex Marriage Battle Must Continue

"Rizi Nasele Timane"- A new voice in the battle for marriage equality - It is wrong to treat LGBT People as less than Heterosexuals.

    NEWHALL, CA, May 27, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As we received the painful and heartbreaking verdict on prop 8 in California, we here at the Gospel Truth Music Ministry are praying for the strength to continue fighting this bigotry and we ask that all of our LGBT family will join us to continue fighting for marriage equality. We were hopeful that the Supreme Court would have the courage to do the right thing and overturn the hatred that became California law on November 4th 2008 but they completely failed to do so. Now it is up to us as individuals and as a united community to fight for our own civil and human rights and we must do everything in our power to see that this hateful and degrading proposition 8 is eventually overturned. One LGBT Individual who is definitely doing all she can to advance our rights is Rizi Nasele Timane. Rizi is an out lesbian member of clergy and gospel singer with an emotional testimony and a real passion for the gospel of INCLUSION. Rizi is doing all she can to spread the truth which is simply that "God Loves us all just the way we are" and she will be appearing on the main stage at several pride festivals spreading exactly that message during summer 2009.

Please visit WWW.RIZIGOSPEL.COM to learn more about Rizi, hear her music, watch LGBT videos which show the inhumane ways we are treated in the USA and across the world (including a testimony of a lesbian sent to jail by her own family for being gay where she was raped and barely escaped with her life --- Don't worry, God in His mercy gave this story a happy ending and the victim, Prossy Kakooza, received amnesty in London).
You may also watch Rizi's own video testimony and coming out story which tells of her "exorcism" and persecution for being gay in Africa and be especially sure to check out her events page to see if she is coming to a city near you this summer.

It is sobering to remember that it is not only in California that the rights of LGBT people are being denied, stripped away and blatantly ignored. All across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and right here in the USA, the battle for LGBT equality continues. It continues in the workplace, in our homes, in our schools, in the sphere of marriage equality and so many other areas of our daily lives and we must all do our part to fight for equality and raise our voices against hatred, prejudice and injustice. Presently, a series of Rizi's 30 second TV commercials geared towards promoting this important message are airing locally in Los Angeles and San Francisco on Bravo Tv and CNN ( with a nationwide campaign on Logo Tv to follow shortly). To watch the commercial, log on to or
In spite of the supreme courts failure to protect us, we implore you to Please be encouraged as we are sure that we will eventually win the battle for equality.

If you would like more information about this topic, to schedule an interview with, or book Rizi Nasele Timane', please call Christina Thach at 888-474-9423 or email

THE GOSPEL TRUTH MUSIC MINISTRY is committed to serving God and the needs of the LGBT Community. Our focus is on Challenging the Status-quo and fighting towards achieving FULL Human Rights for the LGBT Community. We do this by confronting the religious fundamentalist notion that God/Bible Condemns homosexuality and strive to educate the public about what the Bible really says and does not say about homosexuality. Our ultimate goal is to enable any LGBT person who wants to know God but has been turned off by Religion to know that God loves them just as gay as they are and also to help those who are struggling with their spirituality and sexuality to find complete RECONCILIATION and AFFIRMATION. Our motto is that we strive to " STOP THE HATRED, FIGHT THE IGNORANCE AND SPREAD THE TRUTH". Call us on 888-474-9423 or email us at

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A 30 second commercial from Rizi Nasele Timane promoting equality and condemning prop 8.