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Black Friday's Connection to Netflix's Stranger Things 2!

The premiere of Stranger Things 2, on October 27th, conveniently placed just before Halloween, was watched by 15.8 million people! So what does it have to do with this Black Friday? Everything!

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If you are a serious Netflix series junkie like most of the people I know are, you would have started watching Stranger Things 2 - the fabulous follow-up to Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder. The premiere of Stranger Things 2, on October 27th, conveniently placed just before Halloween, was watched by 15.8 million people! So what does it have to do with this Black Friday? Everything! Let's start out with video games.

Video Games
Well, the entertainment for the group of boys in Stranger Things 2 has moved from 'Dungeons & Dragons' to the local arcade. Video games capture their interest now and to their horror they see that a certain someone has beat Dustin's all time highest score on 'Dig Dug', a mysterious 'Mad Max'. 'Mad Max' or Max, who is introduced later, intrigues the boys, especially Lucas and Dustin and creates an interesting love-interest dynamic. So where are all the cool video game sales this Black Friday? Well you need to look no farther than Gamespot for all the best in video game deals including 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare', 'NBA 2K18' and 'Grand Theft Auto V' amongst a plethora of exciting choices.

The one thing for sure during Stranger Things 2 is the deteriorating health of Will who is possessed by the enormous, dark and demonic 'Shadow Monster'. His mother, on the other hand is having a complete nervous breakdown - just like in Stranger Things, and throughout the show you sometimes just want to give poor, little, petite Joyce (played by Winona Ryder) a really big hug. So, basically, if you are feeling any sort of stress towards Black Friday and the chaotic madness that the day will bring, check this Scams Review article about the Research Verified Black Friday Sale here. It covers not only the best in Black Friday sports and health sales, but the best sales in technology, children's toys and fashion as well as travel.

Ok, there's no escaping it. The hair on the series is 'way-out', although normal for the 80's sense of style. In the series we get introduced to Max, a newcomer with gorgeous, flowing red locks which matches her feisty disposition. Her 'bad-boy' step-brother Billy's head is covered in a blonde mullet and his sexy appearance is ravished by Karen Wheeler's eyes (Mike's mom) once she steps out the bath in a robe wearing a messy bun cascaded with a tendril of curls. Steve and Dustin even share a bonding moment together whilst walking on train tracks, set in a picturesque scene. Steve admits to using (Charlie's Angels star) Farrah Fawcett hairspray in his hair which inspires Dustin to do the same for the school dance. Nancy's hair is cut into a chic wavy bob and Eleven's hair has grown into little curls but undergoes a major transformation when she joins her 'sister's' gang (yes, she has a sister!) with a cool slicked back look. Revelist Editors expose the best Black Friday makeup and hair deals of 2017!

Skateboards & Streetwear
Newcomer Max brings a lot to the show. This tough redheaded tomboy is very different to the other young female cast members and offers an interesting flavor. For the best in skateboards and streetwear look to Zumiez. They hold a huge range of products to fulfill anyone's skater dreams!

Ok! So I should have mentioned at the beginning of this article that it's a huge spoiler alert. Anyway, get your game on and get ready to enjoy this Black Friday and fulfill all your Stranger Dreams 2 fantasies!

Well, Black Friday is just around the corner and yup, unfortunately your binge watching of Netflix's Stranger Things 2 and other series are going to have to stop because you need to be prepared to get out the house and go raid the malls!

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