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Carbon Footprints and Vintage VWs. Being Green is No New Thing.

The old Beetle is not only green, it is now (more than ever) the most economical car in the world! So don't be led around by a big PR budget that only makes sense to your Ego. Get Smart.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - VENTURA, CA, August 28, 2008 - You know what sets people apart from the animal kingdom? Once we were described as the only "tool makers", then oops, some chimps and then a couple of crows screwed that up. So then we were the only ones capable of "abstract thought". Now researchers use monkeys ( to study abstract thought location in the brain. So what's left for us humans to cling to that sets us apart? I've got it! It's our gargantuan sized EGOs.

Of course the universe revolves around us, until we observed it didn't. We even think God (or Gods as the case may be) is LIKE US, all those human characteristics of thought and emotion and knowledge that humans pile on....Now THAT takes a really flippin' big ego. (And some are bigger still!).

Save the Planet? Global Warming? Carbon Footprint? I have to go with George Carlin on this one when he said, "The planet will shake us off like a case bad case of fleas [and all will recover]".

More accurate than "Save the Planet" I would rather hear people say, "Don't crap where you eat." Human population ( is growing at a rate of 100,000,000 a year. So "not in my backyard" is quickly becoming "not on this planet".

We couldn't get away with dumping what we liked in into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground that grows our food. "The world is just too big" was not a matter of ego, we just didn't know any better, but now we do.

But the human ego (at least in the West) also loves stuff. Nothing strokes an ego like a hot car, sharp outfit, expensive watch or whatever.

Get over it. The things you love most in life shouldn't be things.

The real question is what will we leave for our kids and grand kids?

Don't be lazy. Do your homework. Ask Questions. Get Educated.

Carbon Footprints:
Don't believe a PR company when they tell you that the carbon footprint for a Hummer is smaller than a Prius. Don't believe Toyota when they tell you the opposite. CNW , the company that dropped this little Prius vs. Hummer bomb is a marketing (not scientific) research company (http// They are in the business of selling more stuff, for whoever hires them.

Question #1: Who's got a financial interest in whatever is being said?

There are tons of examples, but let's just go with the one above. You want to make a difference? Don't buy a new car. Keep an old car on the road (and out of the dump). Better yet, buy a used bicycle and ride it (instead of driving your car to the gym to walk on the electric powered tread mill). This equates to less manufacturing, which in turn equals less mining, refining, etc, which all equals less energy use.

Vintage VWs:
Instead of plopping down $23,000 for a new Prius, find an original VW Bug ( that has been completely refurbished for a few grand. And in four to five years guess what, the Beetle will be worth more than the Prius. The Prius's "new technology' will get old quick while the Beetle is an appreciating collector car. Or find one and fix it up yourself. Use to be the American way, to refurbish and maintain our own things. I recently restored a vintage VW. Parts where easily found (an outfit in my own little town - Airhead Parts ( had everything) and the satisfaction of doing most of it myself was the best part. But any high mileage used car is better than new (and my "Love Bug" gets very good gas mileage).

You can look for solutions canned for you like spam, or do your own homework. The world out there is clearer each day you open your eyes.

So I hope this helps, and if it sunk in, it should also makes you ask, "What is the author's financial interest?"

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