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Demon Apocalypse? Pernicious-The Breakthrough is a New Book on Kindle for 3.99. Worth the Read

New author writes a book about a different kind of catastrophe, a demon apocalypse. Wrought with action and suspense. The book allows the reader to feel what the characters feel, and see what they see. An interesting book to say the least.

    HANOVER, PA, August 21, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- On the surface, Brad seemed like an ordinary man... with a steady job, a wife, and a son; his days were never extraordinary or even particularly interesting. Living in a small town with his family, his life was plain and simple. But Brad was far from ordinary, and his life was about to become much more complex.

Late one night, he is approached by a man representing a secret organization, one which Brad was once a part of. The man asks for Brad to help prevent a great catastrophe, one that would mark the end of humanity. A demon apocalypse.

Brad reluctantly agrees and is soon introduced to his new team, two young recruits only a few months removed from their training. Brad leads them against the scourge of demons that threaten to destroy their world. Their mission... to prevent a gate, connecting the two worlds, from opening.

If they fail, they will have to face armies of demons as well as the powerful lords that preside over them. If they fail to stop the gate from opening... the world will be consumed by death and destruction.

Brad and his new team must move quickly to prevent the horrors on the horizon. They will need to grow as a team, and individually, in order to stand against impossible odds. In order to save humanity.

This book took almost a year of work and hundreds of hours to make; with late nights, early mornings, and days off spent writing and editing. George took a lot of pride in this story that proves to entice and entertain his readers. Those who read the book before the release have stated that the book moves at a great pace, making them feel like they are there with the characters. They have also reported to have felt strong emotions throughout the book that made them want to read more and more. According to these readers it is a great book to read. They have even posted reviews so everyone can see how good it is.

Pernicious-The Breakthrough is available on Kindle as an E-book for only 3.99. Give it a try, buy this book and enjoy the read.

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