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Disadvantages of Existing Charging Stations and Ways of Problems Solving

Vion electric charging stations are expected to be perfect for electric-powered road trains

    TALLINN, ESTONIA, September 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The USA together with other developed countries aim for complete electrification of fleet but the task realization faces several problems. The most vital one lies in insufficient infrastructure.

The US market is equipped by 'Tesla Supercharger' electric charging stations that are suitable for cars but completely insufficient for electric trucks. Tesla Motors starts mass production of road trains in 2019. Vion Company is the first one that is working on appropriate infrastructure creating for trucks charging.
Disadvantages of the existing charging stations are the following:

1. lack of power capacity;
The stations are oriented to cars charging being insufficient for electric road trains. Tesla Motors announced that one driver may handle 3 trucks in a row but existing stations have no power capacity for their charging.
2. inconvenient location;
Most charging stations are located inside a city, often near supermarkets while electric trucks need charging stations along main highways.
3. rest areas absence.

One charging takes from 30 to 50 minutes therefore stations should be equipped by rest areas where drivers may take shower, drink a cup of coffee, etc.

Vion plans a network of 50 charging stations constructing covering main interstate US routes. The stations will be oriented to road trains charging corresponding to all demands. Take part in the project that expects to bring $1.2 million of pre-tax profit annually from every station.

Vion solves the existing problems of electric charging stations that are insufficient for road trains charging constructing a network of new stations along the interstate highways. They are expected to be equipped by special rest-areas and be suitable for charging up to 3 trucks in a row.

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