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Eng. Monique S. Sidaross, MSCE, Ph.D. in Progress Named Professional of the Year in Civil & Structural Engineering

Eng. Monique S. Sidaross remains dedicated to challenging the status quo for female professionals in her field.

Eng. Sidaross has spent more than 20 years as director, general educator and engineer with Moni Sid & Associates.

    ROSEMEAD, CA, July 15, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Eng. Monique S. Sidaross, MSCE, currently a Doctoral Student in Engineering Management at Walden University; Director General Educator and Engineer of Moni Sid & Associates; and a Caltrans engineer since 1994, has been named a Worldwide Branding Professional of the Year in Civil and Structural Engineering. While inclusion in Worldwide Branding is an honor, only a small selection of members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, years of service, and the credentials they have provided in association with their Worldwide Branding membership.

Eng. Sidaross has spent more than 20 years as director, general educator and engineer with Moni Sid & Associates, where she has had the opportunity to build upon and utilize her expertise in structural engineering, and education. Within this role, she meets a variety of responsibilities, including teaching courses in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, as well as English, French and Arabic translation in both business and community college atmospheres.

The notion of continuing education and research remains significant to Eng. Sidaross, as her education has facilitated milestones throughout her professional career. After graduating with Honors from the Bridge Design Academy, at Caltrans, in Sacramento, Northern California, she was able to correct the design of a new bridge project in the Sacramento HQ Office before construction started and as such saved the state of California millions of dollars; she also declined to approve an engineering project for construction in the Los Angeles Branch in order to prevent disaster that may have flooded the entire Southern California area. In addition, her corrections to the project resulted in millions of dollars in savings for the state and saving lives. Instead being recognized and receiving award, female engineers faced retaliation.

Eng. Sidaross has helped deficient college students who were dismissed from college to achieve grades of "A" in higher level algebra, and deficient university students in calculus so that they were able to continue their college educations and thus their desired careers. Again, she faced retaliation.

She was asked to participate in Halloween Costume Contest at USC during her master's degree program, she won first prize.

Eng. Sidaross holds a master's degree in civil and structural engineering from the University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Alexandria University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in engineering management, with an emphasis on the effects of the legal system and forensic construction on engineering business and construction industry, from Walden University. Her doctoral academic paper was accepted, as a gift, by the Special Collection Librarian of University of Cambridge, England, as shown in the picture above.

This subject remains considerable for Eng. Sidaross, as she was the first female engineer to challenge the civil rights of fellow female engineers within the engineers' union and court system processes. Due to her pursuit for justice and refusing to cooperate with the Union Corruption, they sent her threat e-mail and asked her to resign by force, Eng. Sidaross declined to sign and faced retaliation and gangs and threat of life. She faced it with courage and relied on God in many incidents occurred. She represented herself during court proceedings for these issues, reinforcing her refusal to accept intimidation or follow unjust precedents. She wishes to details some issues below and is requesting her constitutional rights in full.

Eng. Sidaross acted as In Pro Per representing herself for more than a year, the judge kindly commented, "You are very intelligent, you did good job as attorneys in just few months," other attorneys commented, "How can you handle such a big case alone for a year, I am an attorney and cannot do it." She stated, "They were kind gestures but denial of female engineers' rights including mine was more crucial than appreciating compliments with no justice." Other attorneys advised her that she would not get justice and that judges in meetings told attorneys, "Tell your clients if they are coming to courts for justice, they are in the wrong place!" Having this in mind, Eng. Sidaross was worried and observed carefully and found conflict in court process, misapplying laws, and mistreating self-representatives, altering documents in courts without litigants' consent. The judge and defendants' attorneys communicated silently using body language with eyes and fingers during her hearings, and never allowed discussion of the case itself after writing the pleading papers. So Eng. Sidaross started addressing issues of her case, but the judge closed the hearing quickly and in further hearing asked Eng. Sidaross not to talk, Eng. Sidaross replied, "Why your Honor?" The judge replied, "Because you say some stuff against the system on record," pointing to the court reporter. Eng. Sidaross responded, "That is why I am here Your Honor." She wanted to share citizens' issues of conflict on record so they be resolved by the court, but suddenly things were supposed to be hidden!

As an International Congress member for more than a decade, and in pursuing Professional Civil Rights and Social Change in engineering and legal systems, Eng. Sidaross is calling for official meetings in person with Legislatures, the President, and the Governor NOT the Courts. This is because courts have forged and altered her case and legal documents, conspired with the Union, denied her constitutional rights, sent spy, caused invasion of privacy and threat of life to her in many incidents until now.

Eng. Sidaross stated that the goal of excluding facts from official records is that court transcripts are the only tool used at the appeal level, they make sure to keep them empty because this is the level where the case gets prepared as precedent. The case gets altered for their purpose to deny cases of future litigants against injustice of union or government agencies. That is the reason most people lose their Appeal after incurring high legal fees and wasting taxpayers' money, then citizens pay these losses back in higher taxation while no service or justice offered.

Eng. Sidaross was discontent when she discovered that her transcripts of the union case was altered by judges, names of her four defendants, who committed violations, were deleted without her knowledge, and further, spy in the Supreme Court changing her complaints' text by print out from the court computer to fill out some 14 copies on record knowing that the public will never find out. When Eng. Sidaorss questioned the fraud, a Supreme Court supervisor apologized and claimed to 'discard the 14 copies!' that were created fraudulently, saying "I do not know who did so, those will go to trash." The plaintiff Eng. Sidaross filed against the Appeal and Supreme Courts to investigate the fact of fabricating her case and deceiving the entire nations when using fake precedents to deny rights of future litigants. This is unacceptable finding.

Eng. Sidaross asserts that "The above notions are weakness not power, reflect negative image about the American courts, should not go silent because it happens with other citizens too, caused loss of trust in the justice system, and prompted the need for legal reform." She referred to the following article as it explains and supports her standing to cause social change and reform the legal and engineering systems, "The committee for the Rule of Law" is a legal reform group in California stated the following: "The law is so inconsistently applied that the Chief Justice of California has publicly said: 'You'd have a hard time telling the wheat from the chaff' when reviewing Court of Appeal decisions," (

Eng. Sidaross affirmed facing many dangers -- only God saved her life, empowered her to achieve grade of "A" during her doctoral study for six years as full time doctoral student. People are intimidated to address these facts otherwise they would face threat of life as happened to her with no protection. "We are living blindly, forever harassed and spied upon by our government and justice system silently with no compensation. This is unfair and is violation of the Constitution" said Eng. Sidaross.

Eng. Sidaross published her first book asking for real justice and her compensation in full at Further, she is taking the stand to help reform the legal system and create Professional Civil Rights. She reserves her rights for protection against any further harm and ceasing her money and compensation due to her standing. She counts this practice of courageous engineering as a personal aspect that separates her from others in her field.

As a resident engineer for eight years, Eng. Sidaross' managed several construction sites with 100+ men, as contractors, superintendants and engineering student trainees, to build 7-story hospital and university buildings that stand forever overseas; while in America, she found no female engineers holding her job responsibility and authority, and PE licensed engineers are not allowed by law to work on hospitals and school buildings that are her specialty.

Her notable accomplishments have resulted in several recognitions, including her election as the first female president of her engineers' union section in its 36-year history. Additionally, she was the recipient of the Ambassador of Knowledge and Woman of the Year awards, the Noble Prize Medallion and Peace Prize Medallion, and Great Woman of the 21st Century, from ABI/IBC.

She also received the American Medal of Honor accompanied with a role to act as Advisor to the White House since 2001. She frequently received congressional surveys of 50 questions each time and replied immediately, fitting them within her study and sacrificing her sleep time, but she received no action for her concerns and no reward for her participation and time as would attorneys who charge per 6 min. increments. Engineers, including a female engineer, time/advice are valuable too, and worth payments.

Her success in the engineering field has been fueled by her lifelong desire to build something that lasts forever, and she did accomplish her goal as mentioned above. She intends to emphasize the notion by teaching the next generation of engineering professionals, as well as undertaking consulting roles in the coming years.

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