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Five Tips To Help Your Car This Summer From Delta Auto Protect

We here at Delta Auto Protect want to provide five simple tips to help prevent you from being stranded on the roadside this summer.

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The extreme summer heat can sometimes push a vehicle past its limits. We here at Delta Auto Protect want to provide five simple tips to help prevent you from being stranded on the roadside this summer.

Keep Your Engine Running Cool

Your car's engine works extra heard during the summer and its cooling system needs to be running properly to prevent it from overheating. Without routine cooling system maintenance the odds of long term engine damage will increase.

Over time the engines coolant can become contaminated and its protective qualities start to degrade. This is precisely why flushing the cooling system somewhat regularly and replacing the coolant with new and fresh liquids is recommended by every vehicle manufacturer.

Keep An Eye On All Of Your Fluid Levels

All of the fluids involved in keeping your engine running smoothly are extremely important, and in the summer running low on them can cause some serious damage. This seems like a no brainer but it is an important thing to think about before heading out for a long trip in your car. Check up on your motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, etc. to ensure they are all filled to the appropriate levels.

Heat Can Drain The Life Of Your Battery

Did you know that the summer's heat can negatively impact your batteries health even more than the coldness of winter? The truth is that vibration and extreme heat are a battery's two biggest enemies when it comes to internal breakdown.

The typical driver can't save their automobiles battery from the heat, but making sure the battery is securely mounted an cleaning up any corrosive build up on the terminals will always help. If your battery is over two years old, it might also be a good idea to have it tested by a trained technician to check in on the overall health of the battery.

Prevent Your Tires From Overheating

Under inflated tires can do some serious damage during the summer. On top of wearing down the rubber even faster than normal, the summer heat along with under inflated tires can cause them to get increasingly hot and could lead to a potential blowout.

Try checking your tire's pressure about once a month. The pressure should be checked when the car has not been driven recently and always fill them to the recommended PSI listen in your vehicle's manufacturer handbook.

Last But Not Least, Keep Yourself And Your Passengers Cool!

Keeping yourself cool in the harsh summer sun will keep you more comfortable during your daily driving. Before it gets too hot, check in on your air conditioning system to see if its still working well enough for the summer. Getting it back up to snuff before the heat rolls in will keep you and your loved ones comfortable this summer season.

Since inception, Delta Auto Protect has been servicing Vehicle Owners with dedicated quality care and providing comprehensive coverage to all drivers nationwide. Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide exceptional service, eliminating delays, and developing the industry standard for Extended Vehicle Service Programs. How do we do it? Delta Auto Protect is staffed with ASE certified technicians who work for you. Our staff speaks directly with your repair center and provides coverage authorization in a timely manner directly over the phone.

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