All Press Releases for November 05, 2009 Introduces New Mobile Application for iPhone & iTouch: Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days & Lotto Picks Introduces New Mobile Application for iPhone & iTouch: Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days & Lotto Picks. This App Bolsters Formalogy's Position as the Leading Worldwide Internet Expert on Personal Lucky Numbers, Lottery Picks, and Dates.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 05, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ --, a member of HiMAX, LLC family of companies and Web's largest provider of personalized lucky numbers, lottery numbers and dates, today announced the official release of Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days and Lotto Picks, the mobile application for iPhone & iTouch that links the ancient wisdom with a modern logistical intelligence to formulate special numbers using name, date of birth, specified event, and the time factor.

Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days & Lotto Picks provides a new and superior approach by standardizing personal numbers for a specific set of conditions - unlike other number generators Formalogy does not employ random picks or fabricates redundancy.

This application is utilizing the company's copyrighted technology employed by and based on contemporary system of merging mystical beliefs of early Near-Eastern civilizations with numerology, spirituality, psychic astrology, geometry and elegant cosmic ideas of classical cultures. Thanks to mobility and simplicity now anyone can choose fortunate picks on the go. In retrospective head-to-head testing, Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days & Lotto Picks generated significantly more relevant lucky numbers than any other alternative randomized number or digit provider. It is no coincidence that 'F O R M A L O G Y' anagram is 'FOR MY GOAL'.

To cover diverse needs and meet expectations, this application offers three different ways to generate customized lucky numbers.


The universal algorithm for Lottery Numbers includes exclusive configuration options which will calculate personal "winning" set of numbers for almost any lotto game combination in the world.


In instances requiring a meaningful personal number, Instant Lucky Number generator is always on. Using this system anyone can generate a lucky number just on a spur-of-the-moment, choose any date and time of a future event, or even go back in time and test on an event from the past.


The Lucky Date generator is meant for personal affairs and business dealings that require a selection of an appropriate day of the month. This generator will use the mystical numeric values of a name and birthday to produce most favorable date. This could be for any big or small occasion within a requested year and month. plans to introduce the mobile option without delay. Existing and new users of Website will continue to have access to all free lucky number generators and several other free services and games currently offered exclusively on:

About Formalogy is a member of privately held HiMAX, LLC family of companies and Web's top provider of personalized lucky numbers, lottery numbers and dates. Formalogy is persistently #1 under the "lucky numbers" in all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This proven method has been guiding people for years to improve their lifestyle.

The Formalogy client base is international and worldwide, with a significant market penetration not only in all of the United States, but also in parts of Europe, Africa, South America and particularly Asia. For additional information about Formalogy, please visit Formalogy Website.


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