All Press Releases for March 03, 2017

Full Supreme Court to Hear "2016 Election Nullification Case"

Case to be heard in conference March 17 2017.

Allegations are that the U.S. government knew that hackers from Russia had successfully attacked and penetrated the election databases of at least 12 states and did not protect our democracy.

    SANTE FE, NM, March 03, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We were shocked when we found that there is a legal case that's made it all the way to a "Conference" before all 8 justices of the Supreme Court. APW News has confirmed that a petition to nullify the entire 2016 election has made it to the first step in arguing before the SCOTUS.

Three voters from the state of Massachusetts, Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman and Donna Soodalter-Toman have filed a suit to nullify the 2016 federal election. Allegations are that the U.S. government knew that hackers from Russia had successfully attacked and penetrated the election databases of at least 12 states and did not protect our democracy as required. It was further reported that Russia successfully penetrated both the Democratic and Republican parties but only leaked material damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

In an interview yesterday with Donna Soodalter-Toman, one of the plaintiffs in this case, we learned that the Conference coming up on the 17th of March will be a closed session. All eight justices will decide which cases will go to trial before the Supreme Court. If four of the Justices believe that the case has merit, they can bind it over for a full trial before the justices. The Supreme Court has the power of Injunctive Relief and can order a new election if they deem that the process was corrupted by a foreign power.

The Guarantee Clause of the US Constitution calls upon the U.S. government to defend against any invasion of any state. This is where it gets complicated. When the Constitution was written, an invasion involved ships, cannon balls and muskets. But according to the Appellate Court, there is no precedent to nullify an election even if the Constitution gives the power to the Supreme Court to do so.

The Plaintiff's in this case say that in the modern world an attack on our infrastructure is a modern day invasion and thus falls under the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution. And there is precedent for this legal line of argument. Individuals have been convicted of attacking computer systems based on the laws of the state where the server resides.

We asked Plaintiff Toman if there has been interest in this momentous legal case that has now made it all the way to a Conference before the Justices of the Supreme Court. She said there has been some interest but "Corporate owned Media has not picked it up." Snopes, a web site that rates articles on truth and accuracy, rated this story as half true. I was also startled with the Snopes response. They correctly stated that the case (16-907) is set to be heard by the Court in Conference. They then added their opinion that the case had "almost no chance of advancing." That's a heavy dose of editorializing on something that claims to the last word in factoids?

Plaintiff Toman was also surprised by Snopes opining that the case will not advance. It was unlikely that this case would get this far and every day more information comes out about the President's campaign communicating with Russian individuals and intelligent officers. It is true that very few cases make it this far or advance any further but in some ways it is up to us.

If thousands of us show up at the Supreme Court and demand that the Court do it's duty and protect us from foreign invasion with the intent to install their chosen President into office, the Court might see the importance of taking action. The President has attacked the Judicial Branch of government, our Intelligence Services, American Journalism, and defended the President of Russia.

If the Supreme Court decides that the election was tainted it can issue an order to remove the President, the Senators and Congressman chosen in that election and call for a new Election. Plaintiff Toman stated that they are asking for a "Special Election as soon as possible.", America's sustainability website, believes the President is a clear and present danger to our rights to choose sustainable alternatives. For that reason, we at APW will lend our social media platform to getting the word out that this case is at the door step of the Supreme Court.

APW calls on all Americans who want the truth about our votes counted and whether or not a foreign power installed this disastrous administration. We call these truth seeking Americans to stand up and let their voices be heard.

Join APW -- get the word out, share this post. And if you live in the Washington D.C. area, think about getting to the Supreme Court. Let those guys and gals in black know we Americans care about our democracy. We just want the Judicial Branch of Government to do its job and protect us from the specter of authoritarian leaders. These august robed elders are the last shreds of our government's checks and balances. It's up to us to convince them -- if they do not act they are allowing the country to be dragged down at least four years of bad road from which there may be no way back.

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