All Press Releases for January 19, 2005

Golfers' #1 Accessory. PhysAssist Sports Crème, Relieve Muscular and joint Pain of Seasonal and Occasional Sports Activities.

(PhysAssist Therapeutic Products, Little River SC) A new sports crème offers arthritis pain relief for golfers and other sports enthusiasts.

    PhysAssist Sports Crème, described as the "Golfer's #1 Golf Accessory" should be used before play. It can help avoid common knee injuries, elbow pain and relief of muscular and joint pain with consistent use. This ensures that if a golfer or other sports-minded person is performing an infrequent activity or movement, they may be protected from a painful sports injury. Thus any golfer contemplating a golf vacation or attending a golf school would benefit from use of this topical pain relief. It would apply to any seasonal sports, such as skiing as well.
"It's a very effective crème that belies the fact that sports and injuries go together. Preferably used before and sports activity, it will help keep muscles loose so less injury occurs, however, if an injury has already occurred, it is also helpful in alleviating pain after that injury has occurred," states J.S. Ransdell, manufacturer of the crème. This is not Ransdell's first foray into pain relief; his original Foot Crème is beneficial to diabetics that suffer with neuropathy. He has had numerous testimonials to how effective the crème performs. More information can be found at the corporate website,

PhysAssist Sports Crème can be found at many retail outlets in the Southeast, such as independent pharmacies, and Walgreen's in selected locations, podiatrist's offices and shoe stores. The product is not sold to individuals at, but may be purchased through an affiliate outlet online: Newly available, the crème has already obtained a loyal following.

J.S. Ransdell who founded the company in 1986 developed PhysAssist Therapeutic Products in conjunction with internationally known chemists. All products abide by the highest FDA standards. The products are manufactured with only the highest quality natural ingredients. The Sports Crème contains such plant oils and extracts as Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, all selected for their therapeutic value.

Ransdell certainly operates his business for profit, but is genuinely interested in helping people with skin conditions and suffering from painful conditions.

Mr. J.S. Ransdell
PhysAssist Therapeutic Products

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