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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens to All The Surplus Technology in Corporate America…?

There's more to it than you probably thought-

In today's business environment, technology has become an integral part of how we not only communicate, but how we implement better, faster, and more efficient practices.

    ATLANTA, GA, August 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We all know how busy the job of an IT Director, Help Desk Manager, or any IT professional can be. Outside of solving the company's problems, and we've all had the "make sure it's plugged in and hit the POWER button" type situations at one point or another- the last thing most of us think about is the residual hardware left after an upgrade or relocation project.

Here's a quick overview of the pros and cons of choosing the right company to handle this ever-growing situation. When a company upgrades its hardware, there is usually no formal process, which can be yet another problem to be solved by the IT department (by default - no pun intended).

ITAD, is the official term & an acronym, which stands for "IT Asset Disposition" (also known as Technology Based Asset Recovery) and is used to define the formal process of disposing of OOS (Out Of Service) Business Technology. Think of practically anything that's technology based in a corporate office setting and it gives you a better idea of how much we rely on upon it. Unbeknownst to many, there is an entire industry devoted solely to the process of purchasing and recycling this type of hardware.

I reached out to the President and CEO of Unistar Technologies, a company in the tech-based Asset Management industry, headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Mr. Doug LaPonzina. Here's what we discussed:

Q. What are the main reasons a company should make ITAD or Asset Management a top priority within their organization?

A. "The amount of hardware that is frequently being upgraded has increased as technology becomes a greater part of our professional and interpersonal culture. In today's business environment, technology has become an integral part of how we not only communicate, but how we implement better, faster, and more efficient practices. By having to constantly upgrade all types of equipment, everything from PCs, laptops, LCDs, networking, servers, phone systems, etc.- there has become a constant outflow of hardware that can be repurposed."

Q. What types of industry / company size / etc. would benefit the most from these services?

A. "Actually, companies in any industry will benefit from the resale or even recycling of outdated equipment. We have clients with as few as a handful of locations throughout the country, and others with thousands- all of which we've been able to create a customized removal plan of older hardware. Our teams are currently onsite in multiple states across the country working directly with our clients' staff to ensure smooth and effortless processes."

Q. What is the overall value to an organization that chooses to implement an Asset Management protocol?

A. "The first and probably most obvious benefit that 99% of businesses look to achieve is to maintain a green footprint by keeping old technology out of landfills. It was a much bigger problem years ago with CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors which are hazardous and contain a variety of toxic materials. With resale of viable hardware and "upcycling" of older technology in a larger scope of businesses, the process continues, and hardware gets a second life. The old saying 'one man's junk is another man's treasure' holds true for technology as well. As an example, a smaller organization, with a limited IT budget, can upgrade 10-year old technology to 3-year old technology for a fraction of the cost."

Q. How could an ITAD initiative impact a company's bottom line?

A. "In a few different ways actually. When depreciation is realized, the company will obviously see some tax benefits. Also, with the ROI from the resale of the same assets they can implement new projects or offset the purchase of the recent upgrade. Some of our clients take a different approach and actually ask that the return be donated to a charity of their choice. To answer your question, the possibilities are endless."

Q. How does a company ensure their asset recovery and disposal practices are proven and in-line with EPA standards and guidelines?

A. "We've implemented processes whereas the chain of command is followed from point to point with regards to all technology. If cases where sensitive data exists on drives, tape, or other media, we have onsite data destruction and D.o.D. 5220.22M protocols to ensure there is no loss of data integrity. Hard drives can be physically destroyed by shredding, meeting the Guidelines for Media Sanitation as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with the most current revision of NIST Special Publication 800-88. We've been in business for 10 years here at Unistar, and I've personally been in this industry over 20 handling some of the largest corporate rollouts in the US and Canada. Never once have we had an issue with client data exposure. We also utilize a strong downflow with the latest R2 and strict control of records measures that ensure hardware is accounted for each step of the way, and properly recycled. Our team strives to get our clients the best possible return while developing a customized plan that's tailored to each clients' needs. We're well known to adapt to the needs of our customers and are highly flexible by providing a white-glove service, and handling the entire process, from origination to completion. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

About Unistar Technologies:

UNISTAR Technologies was founded with the purpose of providing our clients with a return on investment for all technology based products in their corporate environment. With over 22 years of experience in the Asset recovery and Disposal industry, UNISTAR provides corporate and private companies an outlet for their retired assets by giving a substantial return to our clients while maintaining a green footprint with a zero landfill policy.

UNISTAR and its management team have engaged in purchasing, supplying, and disposing of hardware from some of the largest corporate entities in the USA and Canada. We have worked with some of the largest OEM suppliers in the technology industry as well as distribution channels to supply quality refurbished hardware to companies worldwide.

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