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If President Obama Wants His Bully Pulpit to Really Change America; He Will Have to Figure Out How to Address the Miseducated Brains of the Masses. Current Addressing of the Mind Changes Nothing

Any wonder that President Obama's truly inspiring speeches are ineffective & change nothing. There is the opportunity of the presidential bully pulpit to change America from an emotionally challenged society to an emotionally healthy super power.

    WASHINGTON, DC, June 29, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- All the expert advice out there on the internet and through books; even the very inspiring speeches by President Obama and other world class leaders does not change anything regarding the emotionally challenged brains of the majority of Americans. It is because these great insights are addressed to the mind; which understands and is eager to follow but the miseducated brain is too emotionally challenged to understand and go along. As if these insights are inspiring people to be happy when their brains are physically wired to be unhappy. It is like trying to inspire a nitrogen producing machine to produce oxygen. As President Obama and team really want to change America; they will have to figure out how to address the miseducated brains of the masses.

The tragedy is that our experts are still confused about the functions of the brain and mind; in spite of all the advances in the mind sciences. The mind functions in words while the brain in biochemical reactions that are generated by the existing brain wiring. When the mind is inspired in words, it wants to follow but the brain biochemically filters the speech based on past knowledge. The mind tries to soak up the inspiring insights but the brain's existing beliefs block the new knowledge. So all these effective insights fall on deaf/emotionally-challenged brains.

President Obama by using his bully pulpit can ensure future generations develop emotionally healthy brains by making the new and future parents aware of emotionally healthy parenting and the dangerous consequences of emotionally challenged parenting; particularly raising children on the very destructive belief that each one is the best. Students from Pre-K onwards must be screened for signs of emotionally challenged parenting and corrective healing applied where necessary. Older students and adults must be tested for emotionally challenged brains and necessary steps taken to heal their brains.

A new field of parenting inspectors/coaches must be created who will help nurture emotionally healthy brains. Their main aim will be to guide parents to ensure zero self identity that generates selflessness. Selflessness creates humbleness that generates wisdom/emotional-health. Another field of life coaches will have to be created specifically to convert trophy self images into pure selfs. The president must make the masses aware of the miseducated brains and guide them to the right path of action.

The next big leap forward in education and in society will come when the brain and mind functions are clearly well defined. It is vital and not just for the presidential bully pulpit that our experts develop ways to address the brain. They will have to take action on what needs to be done to heal the deaf brains. I have already figured out the road map to addressing the miseducated brains. If only our leaders would pay attention to my hundreds of published articles.

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