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In Defense Of The Christ: Why Jesus Would Disown Christianity Declared Best Books USA 2005 Finalist

The book demostrates that God can be found without religion. That in fact certain religious doctrines can prevent finding God.

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In Defense of the Christ: Why Jesus would Disown Christianity, by Shawn Patrick Thornton is non-fiction and spiritual in genre, its ISBN is 1-4137-4613-6, it was published in early January 2005, it has 188 pages and is priced at $19.95. Please send any tear sheet generated directly to above publicist. The author has a book website at . The book would be of interest to anyone interested in spiritual (finding God) rather than religious (salvation) matters. Mr. Thornton is currently working on Zen and the Art of A.A.'s Twelve Spiritual Steps which is scheduled for publication in early 2006.
The book articulates the entire spiritual process, from Spirit Baptism through Nirvana, and then explains why the theology of both Protestant Christianity and Roman Catholicism act to block that spiritual process. It provides a theological basis for stem cell research, abortion, birth control, masturbation and homosexual unions. It concludes that modern Christianity has strayed far from the theology of Christ and has incorrectly characterized both Christ and his mission. More specifically it uses the Gnostic Gospels to demonstrate that Christ understood that all men share the one spirit of God, and accordingly, do not need to be saved since God's spirit makes them all inherently righteous. This is also the theology of the best know mystics of all faiths, including Christian mystics. The book further demonstrates that the entire salvation theology of Christianity is based upon a single mythical promise of God to Abraham and Christ, rather than upon Christ's theology of inherent righteousness. And, that the Church continues to use this mythical theology to strike fear into homosexuals, children who masturbate, adulterers, birth control users, those who remarry, as well as other assorted 'sinners', by threatening Hell's eternal flames.

Similar to Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman-philosopher, the Author has been a CPA/real estate developer not a professor of theology. In his early twenties Shawn became severely agoraphobic due to a disease called hyperaldosteronism which causes the over-production of adrenaline. This disease led to a battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. However, on February 13, 1978, after a twenty-four year battle with horrific health problems and an equally long pain-driven spiritual odyssey, a continually expanding spiritual illumination began for Shawn. He writes from this creative spiritual enlightening rather than from traditional teachings of a monotheistic school of theology.

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