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Inteligenca Inc. Announces the Launch of Lead Mindfully Workshops

Inteligenca, Inc., a provider of management consulting, is excited to announce the launch of Lead Mindfully!, a leadership training program designed to help business professionals and aspiring managers become better leaders.

    SACRAMENTO, CA, March 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lead Mindfully! combines traditional leadership skills with mindfulness, a practice that is gaining broader acceptance in the workplace for employees and leaders alike. Inteligenca's goal for their Lead Mindfully! program is to further shift the leadership paradigm in the direction of mindful practice, both for individuals and organizations. The outcome of the program aims to achieve higher excellence in service and productivity by realizing the proven benefits of mindfulness in leadership. More and more companies see mindfulness training as a competitive advantage because the practice strengthens the natural mental faculties of attention and intention. Researchers have found these practices decrease stress and foster improved productivity. Companies like Google, General Mills and even branches of the U.S. Military have embraced mindfulness training and practice within their organizations.

Inteligenca's Lead Mindfully! program takes a practical, achievable approach to mindfulness in leadership. The highly interactive and engaging workshops provide information and tools to help employees and executives cultivate improved focus, self-awareness, productivity and critical thinking.

Inteligenca partnered with elan-PS Consulting, LLC to develop and deliver the Lead Mindfully! workshop. Leslie Gazeley, COO and founder of elan-PS, is a 20-year seasoned project management leader and trainer, with credentials from the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance.

Amidst all the studies on the benefits of mindfulness, both at home and in the workplace, the indications are that while mindfulness offers benefits for both men and women, some data suggests that women may see more noticeable benefit in the practice than men. This is likely because men and women think differently and see different results from practicing mindfulness. Also, men and women tend to have divergent responses to meditation training, which is an aspect of mindfulness practice. On the other hand, studies also demonstrated that both genders saw significant gains in some soft skills, such as the ability to show self-compassion.

Inteligenca felt that International Women's Day 2018 (March 8th), therefore presented an ideal launching milestone for this unique brand of leadership training. Inteligenca seeks to honor this day of observance by coinciding the launch of their half-day Lead Mindfully! Workshop in recognition.

"While the information out there does show a higher degree of women are gravitating toward mindfulness, there is no shortage of men embracing the practice," says Ms. Gazeley, co-designer and developer of the Lead Mindfully! program. "In our initial research and development of the program, we saw genuine interest from men and women alike." She goes on to point out that some men seem to be wary about meditation aspect of practicing mindfulness. "It could be pointed out that traditionally, meditation and yoga are actually practiced more by men - and according to data from one survey conducted by DOYOUYOGA, an online yoga site, twice as many males meditate than females," she continued. "Meditation is just one aspect of mindful leadership, and can be a valuable tool that our clients are able to tailor to their own lifestyle and environments. This is one of the areas we cover in our workshops."

"Our team is very excited about sharing the content of this training with the professionals in the Sacramento Valley," says Carmen Marsh, CEO of Inteligenca. "This training has truly been a labor of love for our team and we already know it will inspire many to become leaders who are self-aware, and who are unafraid to be open-hearted and have the strength of character to make ethical choices. Lead Mindfully is tailored for those who are interested in cultivating authentic leadership excellence.

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